Water Quality Permits

Project background

Data Bridging project

The data bridging project is developing a temporary process and supporting tools to ensure that data are available in a usable format when needed by NPDES permit writers.


Value stream mapping 

Value maps identify areas of permit issuance where DEQ can increase efficiency.

Value Stream Mapping Project Charter


Permit Readiness Review

The Permit Readiness Review project is to evaluate administratively extended individual NPDES permits to determine what is needed to issue the permit.



Technical Assistance project

The Technical Assistance project is to identify and document DEQ technical assistance activities provided to NPDES permittees.


Other documents

  • NPDES Permit Program Enhancement Report
    The purpose of the NPDES Permit Program Enhancement Report is to provide an evaluation of DEQ’s organization, permitting procedures, permitting resources, and training, and identify and prioritize potential enhancements that will maximize DEQ’s potential to achieve their permit issuance goals.
    DEQ will use this report as a guide for program improvements. The NPDES Permit Program Enhancement Report is a recent companion piece to to the Recommendations and Implementation Plan published December 2016 (Chapters 5 and 6).