Tribal Affairs

State and Tribal ICWA Implementation Partnership Grants

The purpose of this funding opportunity announcement is to support the creation of effective practice model partnerships between state courts and/or Court Improvement Program, state public child welfare agency and a tribe, group of tribes, or tribal consortia, including both the tribal child welfare agency and tribal court for effective implementation of the Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA) of 1978 (Pub.L. 95-608).

Demonstration sites will be required to jointly develop protocols and practices to promote effective and timely:

  • Identification of Indian children;
  • Notice to tribes;
  • Tribal participation as parties in hearings involving Indian children;
  • Tribal intervention in dependency cases;
  • Transfer of ICWA cases to tribal courts; and
  • Placement of Indian children according to tribal preferences.

Partnership models must be co-created by states and tribes, jointly implemented, and designed to generate and capture clear, measurable outcomes such as:

  • Compliance with identification methods;
  • The number of Indian children identified;
  • Length of time from removal or petition filed until identification is made;
  • Number of notices sent;
  • Length of time from identification until notice sent (state measure)
  • Number of notices received (tribal measure)
  • Length of time for tribal intervention or participation; (tribal measure)
  • Number of cases in which a tribe intervenes; (joint measure)
  • Number of transfers; (joint measure); and
  • Number of Indian children placed according to tribal placement preferences (joint measure).

This funding opportunity is for a 36-month project period with three 12-month budget periods.


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