DV Advisory Groups

History of the Fund Advisory Committee

The first fund advisory committee to the Department of Human Services (DHS) began as a task force in 1980 to look at how DHS could fund domestic violence programs. In 1977 the Oregon Legislature gave DHS the authority to fund programs, but did not allocate any funds. The DHS Task Force led to the Domestic Violence Advisory Committee which included members from domestic violence programs and the Oregon Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Violence (OCADSV.)

In 1981, OCADSV lobbied the Oregon Legislature for a surcharge on marriage licenses (HB 2308) to fund domestic violence programs. The DV Advisory Committee worked with OCADSV on how those funds would be allocated. The original version of the bill included creation of the Advisory Committee with designated membership categories. That section was deleted as DHS agreed to continue its Advisory Committee.

The Advisory Committee was comprised of domestic violence program representatives appointed by OCADSV, community members and DHS members. In approximately 1989, the Advisory Committee was formalized in Oregon Administrative Rule.

The basic structure of the Advisory Committee has been retained. Over the years the number of community member slots increased from two to three; one OCADSV position was designated; one Oregon Sexual Assault Task Force position was designated; one of the DHS positions was designated as a position for the Self-Sufficiency Domestic Violence Policy Analyst; and, two program slots were added for non-OCADSV members.

In 1999 when DHS became the administrating agency for the Sexual Assault Victims Fund through the Criminal Fine Assessment Account, the name of the Advisory Committee was changed to the Domestic and Sexual Violence Fund Advisory Committee.

The purpose of the Fund Advisory Committee Is to:

  • Advise Department of Human Services' Office of Child Welfare
  • Advocate for victims/survivors of domestic and/or sexual violence
  • Advocate for programs and services for victims/survivors
  • Collaborate with other funding agencies and statewide groups

Committee Resources

Memorandum of Understanding

All new committee members must sign this Memorandum of Understanding​ agreement and return a copy of it to the DVSA Program Coordinator.​

Travel Expense Forms and Instructions

DHS Funding​

Oregon Revised Statutes creating the SA Fund and DV Fund

Department of Human Services Oregon Administrative Rules for SA Fund and DV Fund

Joint Funding Process with the Department of Justice

Program Tools and Information

For additional information, go to the Domestic and Sexual Violence Service Providers web pages

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