DV Advisory Groups

​ODHS and a Coordinated Response to Domestic Violence and Interpersonal Violence

Domestic Violence Program staff 

The mission of ODHS is to help Oregonians to become and remain safe, healthy and independent. ODHS recognizes that domestic and sexual violence is a widespread problem with devastating effects on individuals, families, and communities, cutting across cultural and socioeconomic lines. We also recognize that the people we serve are disproportionately impacted by Domestic Violence (DV), because we often provide services to people in crisis, particularly those with fewer resources, and DV is a very common cause of crisis.

The following DV programs and advisory groups are part of our work to coordinate and strengthen our agency’s services to victims of abuse, and our overall response to domestic and sexual violence in our workplace, homes and communities. This multi-pronged effort includes:

  • ODHS DV Point Person Program in many of our branch offices: ODHS employees with particular expertise in DV issues, who volunteer to receive ongoing training and support to staff cases at the local level.
  • Co-located DV Advocate program: advocates from community DV service providers work directly out of many ODHS Child Welfare and Self-Sufficiency branch offices. These advocates provide confidential, onsite safety planning and advocacy services.
  • ODHS Domestic and Sexual Violence Council: Agency staff and community partner members advise ODHS leadership and management on DV issues, raise awareness across the agency, and identify and resolve issues in our training, service standards, policies and procedures.
  • Domestic and Sexual Violence Fund Advisory Committee: Allocates funding and provides oversight for community-based domestic and sexual violence service providers across the state.
  • Domestic Violence Fatality Review Team: Led by the Oregon Department of Justice, members (including several from ODHS) analyze Oregon cases of DV homicide in detail to learn from these cases and ultimately prevent similar tragedies.
  • OHA Sexual Violence Prevention: The Women's Health Program in the Oregon Public Health Division supports sexual violence prevention in Oregon by administering Rape Prevention and Education (RPE) funding from the national Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC); and participating on a statewide sexual violence prevention planning committee to implement Recommendations to Prevent Sexual Violence in Oregon: A Plan of Action, 2006 (pdf).