In-Home Care Agency


This site contains information on an In-Home Care Agency (IHCA) program that is designed to help individuals, family support, caregivers, and case managers develop the supports needed to help a Medicaid eligible person with personal care needs live in their own home.

IHCAs are licensed by Oregon Health Authority/Public Health and can enroll with Medicaid to provide these services for individual who are Medicaid service eligible. The information on this web site revolves around the Medicaid program. Referrals and authorization for the service are made by each person’s case manager.

These ongoing services can be provided in conjunction with other in home services (e.g. home health, hospice, home delivered meals and homecare worker services). In-home care agencies providing in-home services for eligible Medicaid recipients:

  • are licensed by Oregon Health Authority/Public Health Division and classified as providing comprehensive (medication and nursing services);
  • are enrolled with the State of Oregon Aging and People with Disability;
  • will provide assistance with an individual’s Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) (e.g., bathing, dressing, toileting and also with Intellectual Activities of Daily Living (IADLs) (e.g., housekeeping, meal preparation);
  • will provide delegation of nursing care tasks provided by a non-family or paid care provider;
  • provide summaries to the Medicaid case manager regarding the person's healthcare needs
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