Child Care

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What is Employment Related Day Care (ERDC)?

Low income working families may be eligible for financial help with child care costs. ERDC is a subsidy program. This means eligible families still pay part of the child care cost. This amount depends on the family’s income, size, and the a​mount the child care provider charges.

Who can qualify?

ODHS has a maximum amount they will pay a child care provider. If the cost of care is higher than the maximum rates, the parent is responsible for the additional costs, plus the copayment. The family pays the copayment directly to the provider. If the copayment is higher than the amount ODHS will pay, the family is not eligible f​or assistance.

Each family has one copayment determined by family size and income. The copay estimate tool will help you determine how much you might pay.

The following are basic guidelines that can help families determine if they might be eligible for ERDC.

To receive ERDC benefits you:

  • Must be an Oregon resident
  • Be employed. Caretakers/parents must be employed
  • Both parents must be working in a two-parent family. Exceptions may exist if one parent cannot care for the children due to a medical/mental health condition or in cases where supervised contact is required by Child Welfare
  • Income must be below 185% of the Federal Poverty Level (See ERDC Income Limit chart below)
  • Must have a qualifying child or children. Qualifying children are:
    • Under 13 years of age who need care
    • Age 13-17 who receive care if required by special circumstances
    • U.S. Citizens or qualifying non-citizens
  • Must need child care to remain employed. For a two-parent family this means both parents must have all or part of their work hours overlap.
  • Must use a child care provider that meets ODHS requirements. See the ERDC Listing Form and instructions for a list of requirements.

ERDC Income Limit Chart (185% of FPL effective 3/1/2020)​*

​Number in ERDC Group ​Gross Income Limit
​2 ​$2,686
​3 ​$3,386
​4 ​$4,086
​5 ​$4,786
​6 ​$5,486
​7 ​$6,186
​8 or more ​$6,886

ERDC Ongoing and Exit Income Limit​​

​Number in ERDC Group ​Gross Income Limit
​2 ​$4,293
​3 ​$5,303
​4 ​$6,313
​5 ​$7,323
​6 ​$8,333
​7 ​$8,522
​8 or above ​$9,305
*Income limits​ during the Governor-declared state of emergency period due to the COVID-19 coronavirus.

How to apply

To become eligible for child care assistance you must complete an ERDC application form. This process can be completed without coming into the office. The application can be mailed to a local office and an interview conducted over the phone.

Also see: What happens after ERDC is approved

Additional information

Parent Brochure - This brochure explains Child Care Assistance through the Employment Related Day Care (ERDC) Program.

Parent Flyer - This flyer explains the benefits of using a child care provider who is already listed with ODHS.

Office of Child Care – OCC is the regulatory agency that licenses child care facilities and conducts background checks on licensed providers. Find information about licensing, the Central Background Registry, Child Care facility complaints and compliance, child care training and more.​ ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​