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Child Care

​​​​​​​​​​​​​Educational materials

Parent Brochure

This brochure explains child care assistance, including who is eligible, how to apply and how to find quality child care.
DHS 0239, PDF format

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Making the Most of your Child Care Assistance

This brochure explains the advantages of being part of the Employment Related Day​ Care program.​​
DHS 9863, PDF format

En​glish | ​​E​psañol / Span​ish | 简体中文 / Simplified Chinese | Русский / ​Russian | Af Soomali / Somali | Tiếng Việt / Vietnamese

What You Can D​o About Child Abuse

A guide that will help you understand what, when and how to report, as well as give you an idea of what happens after you make a report.
​DHS 9061, PDF format

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Provider materials

Provider Guide

This guide is for people who want to provide child care for ODHS clients.
DHS 7492, PDF format

English | Español / Spanish | 简体中文 / Chinese (Simplified) | Русский / ​Russian | Tiếng Việt / Viet​namese

Provider Listing Form

This form is for people who want to be paid by ODHS to provide child care for ODHS clients. Please note the effective date for ODHS payment cannot be earlier than the date you complete the listing process and are approved by ODHS. 
DHS 7494, PDF format

Engl​ish ​| Español / Spanish | 简体中文 / Chinese (S​i​mplified) | Русский / ​Russian | Tiếng Việt / Vietnamese


Child Care Spend Down Reports

ODHS child care expenditures and burn rate by month.​


Child Care Market Rate Stud​y

These studies identify child care prices and the geographic distribution of these prices across the state. They also examine geographic patterns in the prices charged by facilities by age of child served, type of care, and pricing modes (hourly, monthly, etc.​).

2020 CCMR Study
2020 CCMR Supplemental Findings
2018 CCMP Study
2018 CCMP Supplemental Findings
2016 CCMP Study
2014 CCMP Study
2012 CCMP Study
2010 CCMP Study
2008 CCMP Study
2006 CCMP Study
2004 CCMP Study
2002 CCMP Study