​​​Responding well to any kind of emergency depends on advance planning. Please take a moment to review some ideas for how you, as a person with a disability or family member, a provider, or a business can get ready and respond. This is just a sample of ideas. If you are an ODHS provider, please check with the program(s) you contract with for additional ideas. If you are receiving services from ODHS, please contact the employee you work with. ​

Planning for individuals with disabilities or special needs

Learn how to help people with disabilities prepare an emergency plan to protect themselves, family, friends, personal care assistant and others in the support network in the event of an emergency.

Certified Child Foster Families

In the event of a disaster or major emergency, Oregon certified foster families have certain steps to follow. Find out what you must do if you are fostering a child that is in the custody of the state.

Plan to Stay in Business

  • Plan now so you can respond later.
  • Make sure you have the tools you need so you can continue to provide vital services to Oregonians.
  • Involve your employees in business continuity planning.
  • Take steps to secure your physical assets. Protect your data and information technology systems

Plan for and protect your business.