Treatment Services

​​​​​​​​Child Welfare has a vision for every child and youth to have a safe and positive environment in which to grow and develop. While more than 7,000 foster children an​d youth are served at a given time, less than seven percent have complex needs that require specialized services to maintain safety and ensure their health and well-being. In some cases, these services are best provided in residential care settings and programs.​​

Oregon provides residential services for foster children and youth in-state. However, when capacity or specialty-care services are not available, out-of-state programs are utilized if deemed appropriate to meet individual needs. Of the approximately seven percent of youth who require residential services, less than one percent are placed outside of Oregon. When out-of-state programs are utilized, heightened o​versight and strong regulatory standards are critical to ensure youth safety and well-being. See the chart on this page indicating the number of youth served out-of-state by month. ​


​Reports and References​​​