​​​​ ​​​​2016-2017 Director's Messages​

9/22/2017Legislative Days
9/8/2017Message from DHS Director Fariborz Pakseresht
9/1/2017New Director Joins DHS Today!
12/1/20162017-19 Governor's Recommended Budget (GRB) for DHS
8/18/2016Increasing capacity to care for children and youth in DHS care
7/5/2016What We Heard at the DHS Town Hall Meetings
6/27/2016Senate Bill 1515
6/3/2016Increasing safe, appropriate placements for children, youth and vulnerable adults
5/9/2016In Times of Change, Some Things Stay in Place
4/14/2016Recognizing and Celebrating Good Work
3/28/2016Safety: A Critical Shift in Behavior
3/23/2016Change is Part of Making Improvements at DHS
3/16/2016DHS Director Clyde Saiki Announces Three Changes in Director's Office
3/15/2016Accepting position as permanent DHS Director
2/29/2016Encouraging your feedback and setting clear expectations
2/8/2016Improving Safety For Everyone We Serve
1/18/2016Martin Luther King Day
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