Success Stories

Sabra Manriquez

Sabra Manriquez enjoys helping people to be happy and successful.

For most people, including people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD), employment and earning a paycheck is part of being happy and successful.

Sabra is a Personal Support Worker (PSW). Her business card lists her services as: Living Support, Community Inclusion, 1:1 Skills Trainer, 1:1 Chores, Budgeting, Recreational Activities, Volunteering, Medical Assistance, and Job Coaching.

Like many PSWs, Sabra serves a variety of people with I/DD with various needs. She obtained the extra credentialing and training to become a PSW Job Coach about five years ago. She was approached by a Personal Agent for Mitchell Bailey, who works at Safeway in Southeast Portland.

Sabra Manriquez

“Mitchell was having difficulties at work and needed support,” Sabra said. “I stepped in to make sure he kept his job and could be successful.”

Sabra has taken all the required courses to become a job coach, including the ODDS Core Competencies and 12 hours of ODDS-approved annual Supported Employment training. While Mitchell is the only person she is supporting as a job coach currently, she has provided job coaching for at least three people in the past.

“My support to Mitchell is helping him with customer relations,” she said. “He knows the job but he needs help staying calm and interacting appropriately with customers and coworkers.”

Mitchell works around 30 hours per week as a courtesy clerk. He moves quickly and likes a job where he stays on the go.

“She won’t do the job for me, even if I ask,” Mitchell said, grinning. “She helps me think through things.”

Sabra said she enjoys job coaching. As a PSW, her job is to support people to be as independent as possible in their communities. To her, employment is a piece of that whole life picture.

“Sometimes it is breaking the job down into tasks that the person can achieve,” she said. “Other times it’s just positive reinforcement, making sure they know someone is there to support them who believes in them,” Sabra said.

More information on PSW Job Coaching can be found on the Worker Guide, the video, and the fact sheet. The enrollment application is also online.

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