Success Stories

St. Anthony Hospital hires multiple employees with disabilities. 

As part of ongoing employer outreach efforts by Employment First to help increase job opportunities for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, we have been traveling throughout Oregon to interview employers and talk to them about their experiences hiring people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD). We are collecting those testimonials on the Employment First employer web page.

Our next employer testimonial comes from St. Anthony Hospital in Pendleton, through a close collaboration between employment provider Trendsitions and Vocational Rehabilitation counselor Diane Ashley. St. Anthony Hospital is a member of Catholic Health Initiatives and originally opened in Pendleton in 1909.

Now one of the largest medical centers in Eastern Oregon region, St. Anthony Hospital employs several individuals with disabilities in different areas of the hospital. Chelsea Reid works in environmental services while Jonathan Gomez was promoted and now works full-time in the hospital’s café.

St. Anthony Hospital works closely with Trendsitions and Diane Ashley to make sure the employees in DD services have the tools to be successful on the job.

St. Anthony Hospital hires multiple employees with disabilities. 

The video features St. Anthony’s President Harold Geller, Vice President of Human Resources Janeen Reding, along with Chelsea’s manager Justin Michael and Jonathan’s manager KC Arthur, Director of Nutrition Services. The employers speak about their experience employing people with I/DD and what these workers bring to the hospital. The video is on the Supported Employment Playlist of the DHS Youtube page as well as on the new employer testimonial web page.

Please share these testimonials with employers and help increase opportunities for people with disabilities in the workforce.

You can view an employer video testimonial from St. Anthony Hospital.

You can also view a photo slideshow of the employees at St. Anthony Hospital.