Office of Reporting, Research, Analytics and Implementation (ORRAI)

The DHS Office of Reporting, Research, Analytics and Implementation (ORRAI) aims to promote exceptional and equitable service by embracing opportunity for growth and providing innovation, resources, and support to staff. The unit collaborates with DHS leadership and program representatives to set research and reporting priorities and to design, conduct, and implement research and data-informed change throughout the agency.

ORRAI helps ensure our programs and services are accountable to a variety of stakeholders. DHS reports to federal agencies, the Oregon State Government, funders and other community partners on an ongoing basis as well as in response to changes in policy or requirements. In addition to reporting, ORRAI staff conduct research and analytics to ensure DHS programs and services are effective, efficient, and best meet the needs of Oregonians. The addition of implementation staff to the unit in 2017 ensures that research and analysis are informed by workers, experts and clients and that resultant changes are implemented through planned, consistent and coordinated processes.

The Reporting and Data Warehouse, Research and AnalyticsGeospatial, and Research Implementation teams work together to study, evaluate, improve, and promote accountability for all of DHS’s programs and services.

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