Office of Reporting, Research, Analytics and Implementation (ORRAI)

ORRAI Reporting Unit

The ORRAI Reporting Unit compiles reports to assist program leadership in determining whether ODHS programs are achieving their goals and desired outcomes. They specialize in managing data to ensure it is accurate, consistent, and useful to programs in assessing their success and making decisions to alter their program design. One important part of this role is managing the agency scorecard of outcome and process measures. They are key to fulfilling compliance monitoring for both state and federal requirements. Reporting ensures stakeholders are receiving current, reliable, and accurate data based upon the targeted need.

ODHS Data Warehouse

The ODHS data warehouse is a collection of data sourced from the department’s multiple operational information systems. This data provides the infrastructure necessary to improve efficiencies for data reporting, research and analysis by acquiring cross-program and cross-system data and unifying it into a single area. The resulting single source data consolidation, or warehouse, then allows decision makers, program customers, researchers and other internal state departments the ability to quickly access and analyze the data through the software clients, tools and query languages they prefer.


  • Provide a single, accurate, and reliable data source;
  • Automation of standardized reports;
  • Accessible and accurate data for reporting for internal staff;
  • Improved customer service for data, reports, documentation and training.

Reports and Data

View all available ODHS data and reports across programs. Visit our Projects page to see recent reporting projects, or view highlights below.

Project Highlights


Care for Older Oregonians

ORRAI’s reporting and research teams partnered with Institute on Aging at Portland State University to create two publications in 2018: Resident and Community Characteristics Report on Assisted Living, Residential Care, Memory Care, 2018 and Resident and Community Characteristics Report on Adult Foster Homes, 2018.

Nursing Facility Care in Oregon

Reporting also collaborated with Oregon State University College of Public Health and Human Sciences to produce The State of Nursing Facilities in Oregon in, 2016 to assist in local and statewide planning and policy-making efforts in long-term care services.

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