​​​​Administrator Alerts

Administrator Alerts are released via email and provide important communications about policy updates, rule clarifications and other announcements important for Community-Based Care facilities.

Safe Medication Administration E-Cards

E-Card Subject
E-Card Week 1
Medication administration training is critical to ensure staff is prepared to administer medications appropriately.
E-Card Week 2
Using the Six Rights and Three Checks every time you administer medication will prevent errors.
E-Card Week 3
Time-critical medications must be given within 30 minutes, or less if specifically indicated, earlier or later than scheduled.
E-Card Week 4
Why a time-critical medication must be given no earlier or later than 30 minutes from a scheduled time and who can clarify that a medication is time-critical.
E-Card Week 5
Error-prone abbreviations and symbols may cause confusion potentially resulting in medication errors.
E-Card Week 6
Abbreviations or symbols being used that may cause confusion in your setting.
E-Card Week 7
Many medications cannot be cut, crushed of chewed. Altering these medications can cause harm. Clearly identify these medications on the MAR.
E-Card Week 8
It is important to know which medications you are giving that cannot be altered.
E-Card Week 9
Infection control is an important component of a safe medication administration process.

CBC News Hour

The CBC News Hour is a quarterly Webinar/teleconference for providers of assisted living, residential care and memory care facilities. Information about the next session will be available here when it has been scheduled and an Administrator Alert will be issued as well.

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CBC Nursing Newsletter

Oregon's community-based care nursing newsletter is a publication dedicated to the promotion of quality nursing care to Oregon's seniors and people with disabilities.
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