Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

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Eligible to Request a Hearing?

You can request an administrative hearing from DHS​ if you received ​Developmental Disability Services that were:

  • Reduced
  • Denied
  • Suspended
  • Terminated

You can also request an administrative hearing if you:

  • Applied for Developmental Disability Services and have not received a decision within 90 days.
  • You are receiving services from a Community Developmental Disability Program, Support Services Brokerage, or Children’s Intensive In-Home Services, and it has been more than 45 days since you requested a service or item.

You will receive a Notification of Planned Action (SDS 0947) if your services are denied, reduced, suspended, or terminated. The Notification of Planned Action (SDS0947) will tell you:

  • What service is being denied, reduced, suspended, or terminated
  • The date the action will take effect
  • The reason for the action
  • What Oregon Administrative Rule applies to the decision

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