Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

​​​Service Groupings

The work to create the Oregon Needs Assessment (ONA) created the foundation to begin looking at service groupings.

In 2017, we began working with the Human Services Research Institute (HSRI) to develop a valid and reliable way to achieve two things:

  1. Group people with similar levels of support
  2. In-home hour authorization amounts and service rates paid to providers

The framework which groups individuals with similar support needs, by age group is now complete. We call this the service group framework.

How the service groups were created

First, HSRI used ONA results to identify groups of people according to their level of need. Stakeholders then tested the results by reviewing case records. They confirmed HSRI’s process grouped and assigned most people to the appropriate service group.

Improvement was needed in two areas: people with extraordinary behaviors and children ages 0 to through 3 with complex medical needs. HSRI worked with ODDS, DD case management entities and other stakeholders to collect more data and do further data analyses to improve the service groups.

Throughout this work, HSRI reviewed its progress and proposed improvements to the ODDS Vision Advisory Committee to determine the final groupings.

The service group framework groups people by similar ages and similar support needs. People of different ages need different kinds and amounts of support; therefore, the framework also divides individuals among four age cohorts. In total there are fourteen service groups. The service groups are based on the age of the person and the type of supports they need each day.

A chart with four columns. Column 1: Adults 18+ shows five levels of need show five levels of need, Very Low, Low, Moderate, High and Very High. Colum 2: Adolescents 12 – 17 shows five levels of need, Very Low, Low, Moderate, High and Very High.  Column 3: Child 4 – 11 shows three levels from Very Low to Low, Moderate and High to Very High. The final column: Infant/Toddler 0 – 3 shows only one level, called Infant/Toddler Supports. 

A Service Group Scoring Document describes how the various items in the ONA factor into the service group assignments.

Service Group Handbooks

Infant/Toddler 0 - 3 support needs​

​Children 4 - 11  support needs

Adolescent 12 - 17 support needs

Adult 18 + support needs​