Employer and Supervisor Workshop

Our workshop for medical providers is free and presents a variety of successful medical models for deploying Community Health Workers (CHW), checklists, tips for onboarding, performance metrics and evaluation forms. The workshop is interactive and participants leave with a framework to implement or improve utilization of CHWs.

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Employing Community Health Workers

Services provided by Community Health Workers must fall within the licensed health care provider's scope of practice. These providers include:

  • Physicians;
  • Certified Nurse Practitioners;
  • Physician Assistants;
  • PhD Psychologists;
  • PsyD Psychologists;
  • LCSW Social Workers; and
  • Licensed Professional Counselors.

Community Health Worker Roles and Responsibility

As certified trained health educators, Community Health Workers (CHWs), assist your patients to navigate the health system. CHWs extend the reach of medical providers into underserved communities and help reduce health disparities and improve health outcomes. CHWs bridge gaps in communication and understanding to assist, advocate, and empower patients with healthy behaviors, preventive medical services and disease management.

Community Health Worker Training

The Oregon Home Care Commission provides Community Health Worker certification training to experienced homecare workers. Our competency-based curriculum means experienced homecare workers learn key skills to be effective in the field and clinics. The training covers over 30 topics including:

  • Cross-cultural communication, active listening, and group/family dynamics;
  • Empowerment Techniques;
  • Conducting Individual Strengths and Needs-Based Assessments;
  • Organizational and Documentation;
  • Trauma-Informed Care, including Screening and Assessment;
  • Health Across the Life Span;
  • Stages of Change;
  • Health Promotion Best Practices; and
  • Motivational Interviewing.

Customizable Curriculum

We can design training to help meet Coordinated Care Organization's prevention and patient satisfaction quality-incentive metrics, Federally Qualified Health Centers' "Engagement Touches" Patient-Centered Primary Care Home recognition standards, or population-specific services identified through Community Health Improvement target measures.​​

A Community Health Worker is one of five types of Traditional Health Workers:

  1. Community Health Workers.  Assist individuals and their community achieve positive health outcomes
  2. Personal Health Navigators. Assist individuals achieve positive health outcomes​
  3. Peer Support Specialists. Focus on recovery from addiction/mental health conditions
  4. ​Peer Wellness Specialists. Focus on recovery from addiction/mental health and physical conditions
  5. ​Birth Doulas. Assist women with pre-natal care

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