​Professional Development Certification

The Oregon Home Care Commission recognizes homecare workers and personal support workers who are life-long learners and want to continue developing their skills through the  Professional Development Certification program​.​

Enhanced and Exceptional Worker Certifications

The 2013-2015 Collective Bargaining Agreement between the Oregon Home Care Commission (OHCC) and SEIU provided two new worker classifications with increased service payment rates. The two new worker classifications are: Enhanced homecare and personal support workers and exceptional ​personal support worker

Community Health Worker Certification

Certified Community Health Workers (CHWs) help people adopt healthy behaviors and navigate the health system.​​

Ventilator-Dependent Quadriplegia (VDQ) Certification

Homecare workers who provide services and supports to individuals who experience quadriplegia and are dependent on a ventilator have the opportunity to earn their VDQ certification and earn a higher rate of pay.

To learn more about the VDQ certification, click here​.