Oregon Home Care Commission


The Commission is excited to announce VDQ certification training is now available, and homecare workers are encouraged to enroll.

This certification is designed for homecare workers who provide services and supports to consumer-employers experiencing quadriplegia and are dependent on a ventilator.

The VDQ certification was established through the Collective Bargaining Agreement between the Oregon Home Care Commission and SEIU, 503.

Homecare workers who successfully earn the VDQ certification are eligible to receive a $3.00 per hour differential while providing services and supports to eligible consumer-employers.

Training courses

  • Workers must have access to a computer and internet service.
  • Workers will receive 49 hours of training. There are seven modules and each module is seven hours long.
  • During the COVID pandemic, seven hours of training will be offered per week (two 3.5-hour sessions).
  • Training is offered via online webinars until physical distancing restrictions are lifted. In the future, training will be a blended model that includes self-paced online modules.
  • Topics are designed to help homecare workers develop a basic understanding of quadriplegia with ventilator dependency and how to safely provide services and supports.
  • Sessions will be listed in the Elevate newsletter.
  • Training is offered in cohorts, which means the students will go through the entire training together.

If you have questions, please reach out to the Oregon Home Care Commission by calling 1-877-867-0077 or emailing Certifications.OHCC@dhsoha.state.or.us