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About ODHHS​

Oregon Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services (ODHHS) is a resource for all Oreg​onians, to improve quality of life for Deaf and Hard of Hearing people and their families.

ODHHS staff are working to make state services and programs welcoming and accessible to Deaf and hard of hearing Oregonians and their families. We are engaged in ongoing training to improve your experience if you are seeking services or are a public employee working with an agency and appreciate hearing from you if you encounter barriers. We offer advice and referrals to resources, tools, and information."

Many of the issues that we are addressing are outlined in depth in a Community Needs Assessment that was completed in 2016. Our goals are ambitious, and our partnership with our stakeholders is critical to our success. Our Advisory Committee helps guide us, and partners with us in our work. See the Advisory Committee page for more information about the committee and how you can be involved.

We partner with public services and programs to make them more accessible. What we don't do directly (but will work to refer you to people and organizations that do):

  • Provide ongoing case management. If you are experiencing issues (unrelated to communications access) with case management with any ODHS agency (Self-Sufficiency, Aging and People with Disabilities, Child Welfare, or Vocational Rehabilitation), please raise these issues with the supervisor/manager of the field office. If you are having trouble getting ASL interpreters or CART for your agency appointments, please contact us to let us know.
  • Provide housing services. ​If you are seeking housing, please understand that there is a critical shortage of affordable housing, and housing services typically have long waitlists. Please see Oregon Housing and Community Services for information.
  • Provide job search, training, or placement assistance. We encourage job seekers to work through Worksource Oregon or Vocational Rehabilitation. Another potential resource is Incight, and organization that focuses on employment for people with disabilities.
  • Pay for hearing aids. We do not currently have a program for this. There are a few organizations that provide financial assistance for purchasing hearing aids – here is a list.
  • Post information about – or a list of – Deaf and hard of hearing community events and activities. There are several excellent sources for this information, including the Oregon Association of the Deaf's events page, Portland Metro ASL & Deaf Events Facebook page, and Hands & Voices Oregon's website.

Resources and Contacts

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