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About Douglas County Parole & Probation

Douglas County Community Corrections is the agency in Douglas County chartered with the responsibility of supervising adult offenders placed on probation, parole, or post-prison supervision in Douglas County. As of the date of this writing, there are a total of 1078 offenders on supervision in Douglas County. This includes post-prison, parole, and probation cases. Of this total, 138 are sex offender cases.


The offenses we supervise cover the spectrum of criminal offenses, ranging from lower level property crimes to more serious person-to-person crimes, including homicide.


We have a number of specialty caseloads, as follows:  women's supervision, sex offenders, high risk, and drug court. These caseloads each require specialized training and resource knowledge

Every offender is required to comply with conditions of supervision in order to remain in the community. The general conditions apply to all offenders and special conditions are imposed according to the individual needs  of the offender, including but not limited to restitution and  court fees; completion of treatment programs; curfew; urinalysis; prohibition from alcohol use; and restrictions against contact with victims or certain associates.

Evaluating offender performance and behavior to determine the ongoing, short-term public safety risk is a critical daily function of our agency. When there are violations of conditions of supervision, a variety of options can be pursued by the supervising officer. These include arrest and detention for a sanction or violation hearing, requirements to participate in treatment, restrictions on the offender's movements, and coordinated investigation with local police agencies.

Douglas County Community Corrections performs the following functions:
  • Pre-sentence Investigation Reports for the court.
  • Pre-release Investigations for the state prisons and local jail.
  • Breath tests and urinalysis to detect substance abuse.
  • Referral to treatment, education, and social service programs.
  • Provision of emergency subsidy funding for survival needs.
  • Enforcement of conditions by conducting home visits, searches, and arrests of offenders in violation of conditions.
  • Providing violation reports to the courts, parole board, and local supervisory authority.
  • Coordinating criminal investigations with local law enforcement agencies

Specialized Caseloads and Services
Drug Testing:
Provides for analysis and detection of the use of controlled substances by offenders. Provides resources so that parole and probation officers can randomly and routinely test offenders for the use of controlled substances in compliance with the releasing authority mandates. In addition, enhanced drug testing of offenders acts as a deterrent for further use and abuse of controlled substances and continued criminality.
Work Crew/Community Service/Forestry:
Through the sheriff's department work crew program, a variety of community service and job training programs are available as sanction and sentencing options for the court.
Electronic Home Detention:
Uses electronic surveillance technology, combined with home visits, and urinalysis, to monitor offenders' behavior and provide the courts with a sanction option.
Drug Court:
An officer supervises a caseload of offenders with substance abuse as their primary issue. This requires frequent court attendance coupled with long-term intensive treatment and close monitoring of supervision conditions.
Female Caseload:
Provides for supervision of the rapidly growing female offender population. Development of unique community resources in order to meet gender specific needs, if necessary.