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DOC's New Hire Checklist

Printable New Hire Checklist Form (PDF)

Click Link for Printable New Hire Checklist form (PDF)

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Prior to First Day

Salary for ​New Hires - Contact HR Manager
  Salary Exception Memo 
  Deliver Hire Letter
  New Hire Packet (Permanent Employee)
  New Hire Packet (Temporary Employee)
  LEDS - Criminal History Check
  Obtain Keys/Fob/Instructions
  Name Tag CD1365 
​PREA Disclosure Form (Employee fills out form)
Employer PREA Questionnaire Form
​F-4: Personnel Action Report
​F-11: Criminal Justice Code of Ethics
DPSST Memorial Fund - Beneficiary Designation
HR Personnel Records
  New Hire Letter
  EEO Self Report Form 
  Conditions of Temporary Appointment CD412 
Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act New Hire Form
  Personnel Action Form CD1518 
  I-9 Form (Completed by Day 3) 
HR Recruitment
  Return Dispositions of Hiring Lists
Information Technology Systems
  User Authorization Form
​"Other" line specify purpose, e.g., "WebLEDS" "Direct Access" "Zephyr"
  Telephone Setup 
  Wireless Communications Device CD1503
Important Health Benefits Information:
Health benefits begin the first day of the first full month after the employee is hired and the employee has enrolled online or the enrollment forms have been submitted to payroll.  If the employee is hired on the first and turns in their forms, their coverage will be in affect the first of the following month.

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First Day

Supervisor Discuss with Employee
Office Orientation
  Introduction to Staff, Desk, Facility
  Access to Building
  Telephone Operation and Password
  Computer Log-on, Navigating
  Update iLearn Profile 
  Security Regulations
  Job Safety
Job Duties
  Review Position Description and Expectations
  Work Schedule
  Leave Request
  Travel Reimbursement (policy 30.4.1) 
       Travel Expense Detail Sheet CD1483 
       Request to Use Private Vehicle
Pay and Benefits
  Pay and Pay Periods 
  eTime or Timesheet
  DOC Paydays 
  DOC Holidays 
  W-4 Form 
  P&F - For PERS Tier 1 & Tier 2 Only
DOC Property Issued by Supervisor
  Employee Assigned Property Tracking CD1489 
Additional Information from Supervisor
  Union Orientation
Specific to Facility/Institution/Position

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First Week

HR Personnel Records
Pay Equity Internal Assessment - Contact HR Manager
  Emergency Notification CD1510 
  Report of Family Relations  
  Code of Ethics CD1382 
  ID Card Request Form CD672 
  DOC Notice of Employee/Client Relationship CD1472 
  Signed Position Description 
  DOC Offer/Declination of Hepatitis B Vaccination CD1398 
  PERS Employee Certification Form CD1328D 
  IAP Pre-Retirement Designation of Beneficiary 
  Assurant Insurance Information Form 
  Direct Deposit Form 
Fiscal Services - Accounting/Contracts/Purchasing Trust
  AFAMIS Authority Level Approvals CD1439 
  SPOTS Card Application Form 75.55.02.F.4 
  Voyager Card CD1500 
Contracts Signature Authorization CD1528
  OSPS - Link 
  Data Mart/Hyperion
  SFMA and OSPA 
  Trust/Commissary System Access
  Treasury - Link 
Employee Policy Review
  Mission/Vision/Values - OAM 
  Affirmative Action Plan 
​DOC 10.1.7 Secure Storage of Personal Handguns and Ammunition - Signature Page
  DOC 20.1.2 Code of Ethics
  DOC 20.1.3 Code of Conduct 
  DOC 20.1.4 Compliance with Federal Gun Control Act of 1968 
  DOC 20.5.16 ADA and Reasonable Accommodations 
  DOC 20.6.1 Promotion and Maintenance of Respectful Workplace 
  DOC 40.1.13 Prison Rape Elimination Act 
​Employee PREA Acknowledgement Statement
  DOC OAR Rule #5 Network and Information System Access and Security 
  DOC OAR Rule #39 Release of Public Information 
  DOC OAR Rule #70 Records Management 
  DOC OAR Rule #86 Inmate Access to Automation 
  DOC 60.1.1 Acceptable Use of Oregon Department of Corrections Computing Devices and Info
  Your Rights Under the Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993 

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First Month

  New Hire Policy Signature Page (personnel & working file)
  Final Interview with Director (Salary Ranges 23 +)

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Supervisor's Working File

Supervisors working files can include but are not limited to:
  • Letters of Commendation (for current employment)
  • Performance Appraisals/Feedback
  • Performance Review Policy Signature Page
  • Other Documentation of Employee Performance (e.g. letters of expectation, notes from counseling, and work improvement plans)
  • Disciplinary action (e.g. reprimands, suspensions, and demotions)
  • Emergency Notification Forms
  • Code of Ethics and Conduct
  • Employee Assigned Property Tracking Form
  • Personnel Checklists
Other items that could be included:
  • Employment application, resume, appointment letter
  • Personnel action forms
  • New hire policy signature page
  • Home address/telephone numbers
  • Training records
  • Notice of layoff
  • Letters of resignation
  • Grievances
  • Complaints
  • Correspondence
Information that should NOT be part of the Supervisors
working files:
  • Medical records (e.g. pre-employment physicals, physician statements, release to work documents, disability limitations related to job assignment and hearing test records.)
  • Other employee information - Employees generally have no right to review notes which concern other employees.
  • Reference checks - Employees usually have no rights to review references provided by former employers.
  • Investigations - Employee access to drafts of investigatory reports and related information may be denied.

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