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General Questions
General Questions
General Questions
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1. How are temporary employee appointments affected by layoffs?
At the end of the layoff process, temporary appointments will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis and temporary employees may be removed at the Functional Unit Manager discretion.
2. I know there are more vacant positions at an institution, but they are not showing up on the vacancy list. Why are these positions not available?
Part of the struggle in this process was to determine which positions were vacant and funded. Each institution was responsible for a portion of vacancy savings due to an unspecified cut from the Legislature at the beginning of the 09-11 biennium, as well as future cuts that took vacancy savings. Divisions have vacant positions, but they are not funded, hence not available for staff to be placed in.
3. Would I qualify for Unemployment Benefits if I am laid off?
  • You may file for Unemployment Benefits with the Employment Department. DOC does not make the determination if you are eligible for Unemployment Benefits. The Employment Department will ask for a reason why you are no longer with the DOC, and the answer would be “layoff.”
  • For more information about the applying for Unemployment Benefits see DOC Frequently Asked Questions webpage at http://www.oregon.gov/DOC/HR/cs_faq.shtml.
4. If I am on FMLA/OFLA, could I still be laid off?
Yes, an employee who is on FMLA/OFLA, can be laid off and will go through the layoff process. Both DAS Policy and Federal Code explain reinstatement rights of employees who are laid off while on FMLA/OFLA. Here are the links.
DAS Statewide Policy 60.000.15 (15)

Federal Code
28 Sec 2614

5. If an employee is using EAP services and their job ends can they continue to use EAP services?
When an employee is laid off they have access to the EAP benefit for 30 days. If they access the EAP within that 30 days they will be authorized the five (5) visits and those visits may extend beyond the 30 days. There is no time constraint on the five (5) visits if initially accessed within the 30 days.

The five (5) visits specifically are talking about when you request counseling from EAP you are entitled to five (5) visits for that issue but the request must have been made within the 30 day extension of benefits. If another request for counseling comes within the 30 day period and it is related to a different issue then that would be honored also.
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