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General Payroll Questions
General Payroll Questions
1. How long is my health, dental, life and disability insurance coverage good for?

Employees must have 80 hours of paid time in a month in order to have insurance benefits covered for the following month.
Employee’s layoff date is 6/28/09 health, dental, life and disability insurance will paid until 7/31/09

2. Can I continue my health, dental, and life insurance coverage after I am laid off?

Yes. You may continue with group medical and dental insurance coverage for a period of 18 months through COBRA. Notification will be sent by Payroll to BenefitHelp Solutions in Portland. Notices should be received within 15-30 days from the last day worked. They can be reached at 1-800-556-3137; Portland 503-765-3581.
Optional life insurance for you and your spouse or domestic partner can be converted into a private policy. To do so, contact Standard at 1-800-242-1888.
Long Term Care coverage can also be converted into a private policy with UNUM. To set this up, contact them at 1-800-227-4165.
Dependent care and flexible spending accounts end on the last day of the the last full month that a contribution is deducted. To be reimbursed for expenses, you must request payment by the end of the last month worked. Any monies not used will be lost and remain with ASI. Contact 1-800-659-3035.

3. My spouse works for another state employer and or is still a DOC employee, can they add or enroll dependents?

Yes. Layoff is considered a “Qualified Family Status Change”.

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Vacation, Sick Leave, Comp Time, and Personal Business
1. What will happen to my unused sick leave if I am laid off?

Your sick leave accrual will be held on the books for two years and reinstated if you return to state employment within those two years. After two years it is purged off the books.
Sick leave has no cash value.
2. What will happen to my vacation leave if I am laid off?

You will be paid off for your leave accruals in accordance with your collective bargaining agreement or state policy. (You must have completed your six month initial state trial service in order to be paid for any unused vacation accrual)

3. Can I purchase my Vacation time if I am reinstated to my Job?

4. What will happen to my Comp Time leave if I am laid off?
You will be paid off for your Comp Time
5. What will happen to my Personal Business leave if I am laid off?
This time will be lost, employees will not be paid for this unused time.
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Will I have to take more furloughs when/if I am reemployed?
Credit will be given for any time already taken. When returning to State service, any future obligation will be pro-rated based on the amount of time that is left in the biennium.
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Pay Check and Deductions

1. When can I expect my last Check?
On your last day of work. Your last check will be a hard check, not electronic. In order to deposit it electronically it would have to wait until the next scheduled pay cycle.

2. What about my payroll deduction for loans to banks or credit union?

These will be withheld out of your final check as long as there are wages to cover the deposits (s).

3. Do I have to pay my union dues out of my last check?

Yes. You will either pay dues or fair share.

4. Can I withdraw my Deferred Comp upon layoff?

Yes. Deferred Compensation questions can be directed to the Oregon Savings Growth Plan 503-378-3730 or 1-800-365-8494.
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The following answers are directly from the Public Employees Retirement System web site.                     

1. What will happen to my PERS when I lose my job?

If you leave covered employment without being vested, your contributions will remain in the PERS Trust Fund for five years if you do not withdraw your account. At that point, you should contact PERS to apply for a withdrawal, as your account will stop earning interest.

If you leave covered employment without being vested and do not return to covered employment within five years, you lose PERS membership. You re-establish membership in the Oregon Public Employees Retirement Plan (OPSRP) after serving another six-month waiting period in a qualifying position.

Your Individual Account Program (IAP) in OPSRP can also be withdrawn. If you are an inactive member, you may elect at any time to withdraw your OPSRP IAP employee, rollover, or employer accounts to the extent you are vested in those accounts. If you are not vested in your employer account and you take a distribution of your employee and/or rollover account, the employer account is permanently forfeited as of the date of that distribution. If you withdraw from one account, you must withdraw from all accounts.

Vesting in your employee account under the IAP occurs immediately when you become an IAP member.

Vesting means you cannot lose your benefit rights, even if you stop working in a qualifying position. Under the IAP your account will continue to have earnings or losses, even if you leave PERS-participating employment.

Let PERS know if you change addresses.

2. When do I have to let Personnel know that I am interested in a retirement?

Preferably the sooner the better so we can start the retirement process.

3. What happens if I decide to withdraw my PERS account?

As of January 1, 2008, statute requires a member who withdraws from any PERS plan to withdraw from all PERS plans in which he or she participates.

You may withdraw your PERS accounts if you:

  • have stopped working for all PERS-participating employers and/or all control groups under a PERS-participating employer,
  • are not yet eligible for service retirement, and
  • submit a completed Member Account Withdrawal Application.

You must be separated from all PERS employers for the full calendar month following the month you terminated employment with your last PERS employer, and you cannot be employed by a PERS employer at the time the withdrawal(s) is issued. If PERS issues a withdrawal and later discovers the above criteria were not met, you must return the withdrawn amount(s) for redeposit into your accounts.

You can mail or fax the Member Account Withdrawal Application packet to PERS. If faxing, keep the original application and the fax confirmation receipt for your records. Please do not mail and fax the application.

Currently, PERS is processing completed applications within 120 days. However, if there is a discrepancy on your account, the processing time may vary and could exceed 120 days. Missing data from your previous employer(s) can cause delays.

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