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WBE Hair Design
Program offered at CCCF
WBE Hair Design  
Teaching Staff:
Tammy Kennedy ( Tammy.I.Kennedy@doc.state.or.us)
Coffee Creek Correctional Facility
24499 SW Grahams Ferry Rd.
Wilsonville OR  97070
(503) 570-6829
Class Capacity: 12

WBE Hair Design  
Criteria for Program Completion
Graduates of the Hair Design program are prepared to take and pass the State of Oregon Board of Cosmetology licensing examination.  Graduates of the program complete a total of 1,950 hours.  Graduates of this program qualify as hairdressers and facial technologists.

Description of Program:
This program teaches all aspects of cosmetology required by the State of Oregon to qualify students to pass the State Board of Cosmetology examination.

WBE Hair Design  
Graduates of this program can demonstrate competencies in all aspects of:
·         Safety & Sanitation
·         Scalp & Hair
·         Thermal Straightening
·         Thermal Hair Styling
·         Shaving
·         Chemical Relaxing
·         Tints
·         Bleaches
·         Conditioning & Shampooing
·         Shampoo Sets
·         Facial Trims
·         Facial Makeup
·         Facials w/Massage
·         Finger Waving
·         Lash & Brow Tint
·         Permanent Waving
·         Highlighting
·         Hair Removal
·         Hair Styling
·         Hair Cutting
·         Career Development
·         Business Management
·         Effective organizational, communication, interpersonal and time management skills.
·         Ability to work as a team.
·         Self esteem, motivation, and goal setting.
·         Creative, critical thinking, decision-making, and problem solving skills.
·         Career commitment and work ethic.

WBE Hair Design  
“All of my teenage life the only skills I knew was drinking, fighting and robbing people. I was good at all of it. I put my mind into all three of my skills. By the time I was 15 I was pregnant. I had no way of knowing how I was going to take care of my baby. With no education or work skills I depended on family members for support. Taking advantage of the opportunity after I had my daughter I went back to drinking, fighting and robbing. My ways caught up to me at 17, I ended up locked up, first at Hillcrest, then jail, now prison.
I’m 23 now and my daughter is 7 years old. Realizing how my daughter struggles without me and her dad, I knew in my heart my daughter deserved more. With no education, I felt stupid and insecure. I couldn’t do nothing I thought. I started little, working on my GED. Then I wanted to learn some new ways to bond with my daughter. All I knew was stuff I wanted to protect my baby from.
I’d always come into Hair Design to get my hair cut and colored. I never seen myself working in Hair Design. I felt I wasn’t smart enough. Still working towards my GED, I took a chance. I started talking to my new instructor Tammy Kennedy and she hired me. She took a chance with me and saved my life.
I’ve been in the program for 13 months and what Hair Design gave to me is new healthy skills that will help me bond with my daughter when I parole.

I set my mind at being the best that I could be and I believe that is what makes me a good stylist. I have built a strong clientele and I’ve set strong goals. It’s giving me work ethics and lots of knowledge. I love Hair Design, and I’m thankful I was given a second chance.”—Seswaness Eaglepipe

“The Hair Design program has given me confidence and self-respect. I have a renewed faith in myself that not only can I accomplish Hair Design, but be successful in the career once I have graduated. I have always been one to accomplish things but never did I think I could accomplish my dream until I became a student in Hair Design. I now have confidence, a strong belief in myself and the skills and ability to apply what I have learned to make individuals achieve their desired look.”— Kristina Bonin

“Hair Design has given me the opportunity to obtain an education in a field I love. When I finish this program, for the first time in my life, I’ll be able to take care of myself. I’ll have the abilities needed to obtain a career that I can have a long lasting future in. It will provide me with an independence I could only dream about before.”— Nancy Gregory

“Upon coming to prison I believed that I was never going to amount to anything. The Hair Design program has changed my view drastically. I now have the opportunity to learn a career and a chance to make something of my life when I return to the community. I have learned many skills I can use and they don’t just apply to hair cutting. This program has changed my life for the better”– Crystal Grace

“Hair Design has given me a dream. Before coming to prison I had no clue what I wanted out of life. Since I’ve been in Capitol School of Hair Design I’ve found my dream. I found that I’m very good at what I do. I’ve learned so many different things and I plan on learning so much more. There are so many good opportunities in this profession, but I think the one thing that excites me the most is you never stop learning. There’s always something new to learn and experience.
This program has changed me in so many different ways. I had little to no self-esteem before entering this program. I feel my self-esteem has grown a great deal. I’m looking forward to seeing my potential growth. I have about five more months in this program and I’m looking forward to starting my career.”— Jamie Miles

“If someone would have told me two years ago that my life would take a turn for the worse, I would not have believed them. If they would have told me that at the worst time in my life I would get the opportunity that would change my life forever and help me be a better person, I would have blown them off, thinking they meant someone else. Then, the worst happened, I ended up going to prison.
Before I got here I was sure that nothing good could happen, and when I heard there was a hair design program I knew that was something I wanted to do. The day I found out that I got in the program, I was so happy! Each day that goes by I find myself learning more and more.
I know that because of this program I’ll be able to get a good job, doing what I love to do. And I will be someone that can be looked up to and people can see that change is possible if you really want it.”— Tashyena Leniz

WBE Hair Design  
“This program really means so much to me. Hair Design is something that I have really always wanted to do. Something that I have thought of a lot of times through the years.
Being a student of Hair Design keeps me focused and determined to do the right thing. To follow all the rules and to complete all the necessary steps to prepare myself to live and to succeed on the outside, to stay focused on my long term goals. I really was afraid that I wouldn’t be able to pass all the required tests, but I have so far passed all of them. I have gained confidence in many ways for the first time in my life.

My prison time will be remembered mostly as a positive learning experience. Exactly the opposite of what I thought it would be. Thanks in a big part to Hair Design. I am grateful.”— Barbara Kamna

“I began the Hair Design course here at CCCF with very little knowledge as to what it would be like to be a Hair Design and Facial Technology graduate. I decided to take a chance and see how I would like it and I am so very happy I did! In anything you do in your life there is a certain amount of fear when you start down that new path. Hair design was a huge step for me to actually work towards a goal in what will be my new life when I get out. It has become part of who I am today, as much as my path of the future, my career choice. I realized very soon after I began my training that I loved doing hair and working with people. I have learned in the 7 months I have been in school many aspects of being a Hair Design professional and it has helped me have a frame work to see how my future career will be shaped. More than just saying words to others and to myself that I have changed from the person I was when I cam to prison in 2001. Hair Design has given me a career to base my new life around. I know what job I will pursue when I parole and that has given me the frame work to visualize my new life. I am thankful everyday that I have been given the opportunity to have the schooling to be a hair Design professional and I thank Tammy Kennedy for her time and patience.— Jessica Shaner

“The reason why I’m in the Hair Design is because somebody showed me I had choices today. To do hair has been a life long passion for me. I enjoy helping people and being a part of what makes others feel good. I’ve always been a people-person, so this profession is perfect for me. But you are never too old or too young to learn. Since I’ve been a student of Capitol School of Hair Design I’ve learned to expand my horizon. The world has so much to offer and I plan to be a part of that. What makes it work is the teamwork and the awesome instructor. I’m just grateful that somebody believed in me enough to give me the chance and the opportunity of lifetime.”— Dondralyn Gay

“'Cosmetologist' is such a powerful word for me. In the palm of my hands, through my fingertips and the depths of my innovated mind, I can change the appearance, the attitudes and walk of someone. A new way of looking. To put a smile on someone’s face, to brighten up ones day. To be trusted to create, innovate and the knowledge to know I can. To believe in myself, my own vision. To see someone’s face, the before to after. Shock. Surprise. Tears of joy. How is this all possible? How was I blessed with these tools?
A dream that has come true, the passion to see it through. Hair Design is not just two words. Being a cosmetologist is not just a saying. It’s a trait I have had the honor to learn and a gift that I have the pleasure to share with others. Hair Design is not just about cutting hair and doing facials, it’s about life skills, your professional image, communicating for success. It’s about helping others. With an instructor that is fun and has the same passion for hair, for design, for creativity, for people and pushes you to be the best you can be and believes in you. And a great team of students to push in a positive way makes the whole experience fun. Hair Design has allowed me to continue my quest to my own salon and gave me the tools to do so.”— Genifer Johnson