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Frequently Asked Questions
What are people asking?
Will Sex Offenders be a part of work crews? Will their placement be around local schools?
Sex offenders who have attained minimum-custody status are eligible for work crew placements. Every minimum custody inmate is reviewed prior to placement in the minimum unit and is not assigned if thought to be a danger to the community. Based on information available from other Oregon facilities, inmates only work on site at local schools during times that children are not in school (e.g., during summer breaks).

Is there any data on escapes from other minimum-security facilities or work crews?
From July 1998 though June 2000, there were 22 inmates that either escaped directly from an institution or walked away from a work crew while under ODOC supervision. Upon apprehension, inmates are returned to a higher security facility, charged and prosecuted.

Are security officers armed inside the facility and on work crews?
No, correctional officers are not armed. While on work crews, correctional officers are equipped with radios and cell phones to make contact with the correctional facility and/or local law enforcement should an emergency arise

Will day passes be issued to inmates without escort?
ODOC does not issue day passes to any inmates. Work crews are always supervised by either an ODOC employee or other attendant (e.g., Department of Forestry employee supervising a fire fighting crew).

How will inmate work crews affect the availability of jobs for local youth?
Measure 17 (which was passed by Oregon voters in November, 1994, and went into effect April 1, 1995) requires that all inmates spend 40 hours per week in work or on-the-job training programs. Based on information available from other Oregon facilities, jobs performed by inmates are typically labor intensive and are not adequately funded to pay at prevailing minimum wage. Experience indicates that jobs done by inmate work crews have no impact on jobs available for youth.

Are inmates available for private hire? Under what terms? What is the cost of hiring a work crew?
As defined in Measure 17, inmates are available for hire by the private sector. Currently, inmate work crew (which consist of one correctional officer and 10 inmates) are available for approximately $350 per day.

What kind of compensation is offered to neighbors for inmate destruction?
In the case of an inmate escape and damage of community property, the sentence imposed for the crime can include restitution.