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DOC Divisions and Units


The Oregon Department of Corrections is responsible for the management and administration of Oregon's state prisons and other functions related to state programs for adult corrections.

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Community Corrections

Through intergovernmental agreements with the counties, the Community Corrections Unit oversees, advocates for, and works in partnership with all the community corrections offices throughout the state. Local county community corrections offices provide supervision, services, and sanctions to felony offenders in their communities. These offenders have been sentenced to probation by a court, or are on parole and/or post-prison supervision after being released from state prison. They may also have been sentenced to prison for 12 months or less and are serving that time locally. 

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Correctional Programs

The Correctional Programs Unit develops and delivers effective outcome-based interventions to inmates in Oregon's prisons. Treatment, education, job skills and work experience are all proven to help inmates transition successfully to the community upon release, reducing the likelihood that they will subsequently return to prison.
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General Services Division

The General Services Division supports much of the day-to-day business of the Oregon Department of Corrections. Facilities Services, Central Distribution (including canteen food purchasing, radio, and warehouse operations), Information Services and Fiscal Services (including contracts , purchasing, accounting, and central trust) fall under General Services. 

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Human Resources

The Human Resources Division manages the personnel-related services of recruitment, affirmative action, employee development and trainingemployee safety and risk management, and organization and leadership development. It also provides consultation and assistance in administering the department's classification, compensation, human resources policies, and labor contracts. To meet the department's mission and fulfill the objectives of the Oregon Accountability Model, the division develops and implements a comprehensive full-service human resources program that enables the department to effectively recruit, develop, and retain a highly qualified and rapidly growing workforce of several thousand employees, volunteers, and contractors. 

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Information Services

Information Services advance the department's use of information technology. Information system operations, software development and user support services are provided by the unit's staff. 

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Inspector General

The Inspector General  provides an oversight function on behalf of the director and deputy director of the Department of Corrections. The office is responsible for investigations administration, rules coordination and hearings administration. 

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Internal Audits

Internal Audit provides independent, objective assurance and consulting services through quality audits to add value by increasing efficiency and effectiveness of operations.

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Offender Management and Rehabilitation Division

The Offender Management and Rehabilitation Division is responsible for carrying out the Department of Corrections' mission to reduce the risk of future criminal conduct in those offenders incarcerated in prison. The Division impacts 14,200 inmates in state prisons. This division includes the operation of intake, correctional case management, population management, inmate work programsinmate services including visitingreligious services, sentence computation, offender records, victim services, and institution programs such as: workforce development, education, cognitive programs, and addictions treatment programs.

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Office of Communications

The Office of Communications is charged with furthering the department’s mission and goals through close collaboration with the agency’s external and internal stakeholders, both inside and beyond the realm of public safety. This office communicates with three primary groups: the public/media, legislators, and stakeholders (staff, offenders, offenders’ families, and other external partners).This office represents the agency to the legislature and other government agencies; provides information about department strategy and department stance on issues; processes public records requests; develops and delivers testimony; and coordinates all agency Administrative Rules and Policies. In addition, this office coordinates and responds to several hundred local and national media inquiries each year for the agency and contributes to numerous special projects. These inquiries include requests for radio, newspaper, and TV interviews, as well as requests for film projects.​

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Office of Population Management

The Office of Population Management is responsible for developing department-wide population management strategies and policy options and assisting with implementation as the Department of Corrections' population needs become increasingly complex. 
The Office of Population Management focuses current DOC efforts and develops new channels of collaboration to ensure that the department is addressing long-term population needs in the correct locations depending on their individual security, programming, and other needs of the Oregon Accountability Model. The unit comprises: 
  • Capacity and Resources
  • Internal & External Classification
  • Special Need Populations
  • Centralized Transfer Authority
  • Institution Capacity & Inmate Movement
  • Treatment Assignment Screening
  • Interstate Compact & International Transfers
  • Inmate Conflicts
  • Oregon Youth Authority/Ghost Caseloads
  • Fire Crews
  • Centralized Static-99R Sex Offender Risk Assessments
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Oregon's adult prisons are centrally administered by the assistant director of Operations. Oregon's 14 prisons are safe, civil and productive so inmates can pursue the goals specified in their corrections plans. Additionally, high-caliber staff help shape positive behavior. To hold inmates accountable for their actions, the division´s responsibilities encompass prison management, health services, mental health services, inmate transportation, security threat group (gang) management, emergency preparedness, and most inmate work crew activities.

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Oregon Corrections Enterprises

Oregon Corrections Enterprises promotes public safety by providing inmates with meaningful work experience in a self-sustaining organization. 
Oregon Corrections Enterprises 
3691 State Street 
Salem, Oregon 97301 
Ph: 503-428-5500
Fax: 503-363-4170 

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Planning and Budget

The Planning and Budget Unit develops the agency's budget, analyzes financial information, and oversees planning and implementation of new prison construction activities.

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Research & Statistics

The Research and Evaluation Unit provides mission-critical information about offender populations, program performance and policy impact which is essential for planning, evaluating and directing the operations of the Department of Corrections.

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Most Wanted

If you have any information about people listed on the Most Wanted page , please contact: 
Oregon Department of Corrections 
Fugitive Apprehension Unit  
(503) 945-0976 or (503) 945-9030 
fax (503) 373-7092 
or email: DOC.Info@doc.state.or.us

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