​​Filing Requirements

Foreign and domestic insurance companies, including home warranty companies, must file an excise tax return, Form OR-20-INS. Title insurers must file a Form OR-20​.

Form OR-20-INS isn’t based on the federal return. See Form OR-20-INS and instructions for details.
Insurance companies must file an Oregon Insurance Excise Tax Return if they’re doing business in Oregon. This includes companies with agents in Oregon who are only soliciting and those with income from an Oregon source, such as premiums from existing policyholders.
Companies registered with the Insurance Division to do business in Oregon that don't actually do business during the tax year aren’t required to file and aren’t subject to the minimum tax.
All insurance companies required to file must do so every calendar year and are subject to the minimum tax.

Estimated tax payments may be required.
To amend an Oregon Insurance Excise Tax Return, use the Form OR-20-INS for the tax year that is being amended and check the "Amended" box on the front of the return.

Federal and Insurance Division audit changes

You must notify us by amending your Oregon return if the IRS changes your federal return or the Insurance Division changes your fire marshal tax or retaliatory tax, and the change affects your computation of Oregon excise tax. If this happens, you must file an OR-20-INS Oregon return, check the "Amended" box, and attach a copy of the federal or Insurance Division audit report. Mail this separately from your current year's return.

You must file within two years of the date of the audit report to receive a refund. If you don’t amend your return or send a copy of the audit report, we have two years from the date we’re notified of the change by the IRS to issue a deficiency notice.


Surplus lines insurance companies and fraternal benefit societies are not subject to the excise tax if exempt under IRC 501(c)(8).

Consolidated returns

Foreign insurers and domestic insurers controlled by foreign insurers are required to file insurance excise tax returns separately. Domestic insurance companies that are incorporated in Oregon, and not controlled by foreign insurers incorporated outside of Oregon, must file consolidated returns if they were included in consolidated federal returns.