​​About payroll taxes

All employers with paid employees working in Oregon must register for a business identification number (BIN) to report and pay Oregon payroll taxes. Corporations without employees must also register to report compensation paid to corporate officers.

Oregon uses a Combined Payroll Tax Reporting System to report all payroll taxes together. The BIN serves as the employer's account number when reporting payroll taxes. 

Before you hire

Register online for a BIN using the Oregon Business Registry or by submitting a Combined Employer's Registration form. You must register before issuing any paychecks. Learn more about BINs.

Due dates

Oregon withholding taxes are due the same time as your federal taxes. Unemployment, transit taxes, and the Workers' Benefit Fund assessment payments are due the last day of the month following the end of the calendar quarter. Form OQ quarterly reports are due:

  • 1st quarter, due April 30
  • 2nd quarter, due July 31
  • 3rd quarter, due October 31
  • 4th quarter, due January 31

Filing and forms

Choose a quarterly report filing method:

Visit the Employment Department to order Oregon combined tax forms for reporting and payment of withholding taxes or contact us at 503-947-1488.

Statewide transit tax​

The statewide transit tax is calculated based on the employee's wages as defined in ORS 316.162. Revenue from the statewide transit tax will go into the Statewide Transportation Improvement Fund to finance investments and improvements in public transportation services, except for those involving light rail. Please visit our statewide transit tax page​ for more information about this tax.

Make a payment

If you pay your federal taxes electronically, you must also pay your Oregon combined payroll taxes electronically.

You can choose to pay Oregon tax electronically even if you don't meet the federal requirements. Visit our payments webpage for electronic options. Include a Form OTC when making payments by check or money order.

Year-end reconciliation information

You must file an Oregon Annual Withholding Reconciliatio​n Report, Form WR, even if you submit your W-2 information electronically. Form WR is due January 31 in the year after the tax year. If you stop doing business during the year, the report is due within 30 days of your final payroll. You can file this form electronically through Revenue Online​.

Update your business information

Make updates to addresses and phone numbers or change offsite payroll services using the Business Change in Status form, or online using the Central Business Contact Change form.

Change your business structure

Complete a Business Change in Status form, or a new Combined Employer's Registration form if you change your business structure, examples include:

  • Changing from a sole proprietor to a partnership or corporation
  • Changing from a partnership to sole proprietor
  • Adding or removing a spouse as liable owner
  • Changing from any business structure type to a limited liability corporation (LLC)

Contact the Department of Consumer and Business Services if the structure change affects your workers' compensation insurance or Workers' Benefit Fund assessment.

Contact in​​formation

Payroll taxe​s

Phone: 503-945-8091 or 800-356-4222

Unemployment insurance taxes

Oregon Employment Department
Phone: 503-947-1488

Workers' Benefit Fund assessment

Department of Consumer and Business Services 
Phone: 503-947-7815 or 503-378-2372