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About the program

The Criminal Fines and Assessment Program (CFA) reimburses the state for costs associated with statewide law enforcement and victim services. Municipal, justice, and circuit courts report and pay these costs on a monthly basis. Payments are placed into the criminal fine account. 

Funds in the criminal fine account are distributed monthly to agencies based on statutory distribution amounts. View the account distribution list for more information. 

Monthly coupon ​procedure

Municipal and justice courts use the CFA coupon to report on the following: 

  • Program 912–ORS 153.633 CFA. Monies payable to the state described in (ORS 153.633) for offenses committed on or after 1/1/12.
  • Program 928–Fines (state share). Fines payable to the state described in (ORS 153.640 to 153.650) for deposit in the Criminal Fine Account.
  • Program 926Other. All other monies payable to the state not described above: unitary assessments, LEMLA, IDPF, state court security assessment, any portion of the former county assessment payable to the state, diversion fees, and any other amounts that are payable to the state.

Courts must submit a coupon for the month even if no funds are collected for a program. Simply enter -0- in the applicable program box(es) on the coupon.

The coupon and payment is due by the last day of the following month the funds are collected. For example, funds collected in January are due by the last day of February.

Payments become delinquent on the 10th of the month following the due date. We may charge interest on late payments. Refer to instructions on the back of the coupon for additional information.

Contact the program coordinator to order coupons.

Municipal courts and liens on real property

Municipal courts must register with us prior to the enforcement of a docketed judgment lien on real property. View the current list of registered municipal courts.

Program coordinator

Email: Teri Smith​
Phone: 971-375-7510

Send coupon and payment to:​

Oregon Department of Revenue
Finance Section, Criminal Fine Program
955 Center St NE, Rm 461
Salem OR 97301-2555