​​​Get the convenience of e-filing

Our free fillable forms perform basic calculations, but you're responsible for the information entered on the return. If you need an option with added guidance, check to see if you can use one of our approved tax preparation software for free.

Forms available in this program:
Form OR-40Full-Year Resident Individual Return.
Schedule OR-ADD-DEPAdditional Dependents for Form OR-40 filers.
Schedule OR-WFHDC
Working Family Household and Dependent Care Credit for Full-Year Residents.
Schedule OR-AOregon Itemized Deductions.
Schedule OR-DONATEOregon Charitable Checkoff Donations.
Schedule OR-ASCOregon Adjustments for Form OR-40 filers.
Schedule OR-529Oregon 529 College Savings Plan Direct Deposit for Form OR-40 filers.
Form OR-40-VPayment Voucher for Income Tax.
Form OR-10Underpayment of Oregon Estimated Tax.

Steps for using free fillable forms

  1. Complete your 2020 federal tax return and submit it to the IRS.
  2. Gather your federal return and other documents you'll need to complete your Oregon return. Make sure that you have the applicable tax tables and charts ready. Refer to the 2020 Form OR-40 instructions.
  3. Click the "Start your return" button located in the top right side of this webpage.
  4. Fill in the necessary fields. Remember to use the "Do the math" feature to avoid mistakes.
  5. Be sure to complete the federal schedule information and enter all of your W-2s, 1099s, etc. We can't process your return without this information.
  6. Check the box acknowledging that you're filing the return electronically.
  7. E-file your return and submit payment, if necessary.
You'll get acknowledgement emails when your return is submitted and when we accept it.

​How to resolve errors

Your return may be rejected when submitted. You will receive an email with an error message. It is likely your return is missing information or information is incorrect.
​Please review this common error ​code document and helpful solutions​ to work with when using the Oregon state free file electronic program for full-year residents.

Other important information

  • Free fillable forms doesn't support prior-year returns, part-year, non-resident, or amended returns.
  • This program is only for Oregon returns. Visit for federal filing information.