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Are you experiencing a temporary hardship that's preventing you from paying your tax debt? If so, you might qualify for a temporary uncollectible status. This status protects you from further collection actions.

Consider this program if you can answer yes to any of these questions:

  • Do you receive, or have you exhausted unemployment benefits?
  • Do you get temporary disability benefits?
  • Do you expect your hardship to end in the coming months?

Contact us now to learn more about the temporary uncollectible status. 

If you're approved for temporary uncollectible status

You can make voluntary payments at any time after you're approved. A payment agreement isn't required. Your account will continue to accrue interest while in this program.

Once you're approved, you can't add any new debt to your tax account. If you file a new tax return and owe, you must pay the new tax in full by the due date or you'll be removed from this program.

While you're in temporary uncollectible status, we'll do the following:
  • Stop collection actions on your tax debt, such as bank or wage garnishments.
  • Use your state tax refund to help pay your debt.
  • Ask the U.S. Department of Treasury to send us your IRS refund or expected federal payment. We'll apply these to your debt. This excludes payments exempt from offset under federal law, such as Social Security.
  • File a lien against your property.

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