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Jailor Glenn Allen ​Josephine Co. Sheriff's Office ​1971
Reserve Dep. Sheriff Chester Alquist ​Washington Co. Sheriff's Office ​1968
Posse Member James R. Applegate​ ​Benton Co. Sheriff's Office ​1975
Deputy Sheriff Paul E. Baker ​Yamhill Co. Sheriff's Office ​1982
Deputy Sheriff Charles H. Basye ​Jackson Co. Sheriff's Office ​1917
Trooper Ralph D. Bates ​Oregon State Police ​1962
Private Burrell Baucom ​Oregon State Police ​1933
Lt. Harold R. Berg ​Oregon State Police ​1975
​Sgt. Albert W. Bowe ​Multnomah Co. Sheriff's Office ​1945
Deputy Sheriff William D. Bowman ​Clackamas Co. Sheriff's Office ​2000
Deputy Sheriff Marvin R. Brewster ​Josephine Co. Sheriff's Office ​1972
Marshal Ernest M. Brown ​Troutdale Police Department ​1911
Sheriff Harvey K. Brown ​Baker Co. Sheriff's Office ​1907
Radio Technician Earl A. Burtch ​Oregon State Police ​1948
Cpl. Gary L. Byassee ​LaGrande Police Department ​1982
​Trooper George R. Cameron ​Oregon State Police ​1955
​Sgt. Theodore R. Chambers ​Oregon State Police ​1945
Deputy Sheriff Michael L. Cheney ​Union Co. Sheriff's Office ​1980
Sgt. Gerald G. Chirrick ​Douglas Co. Sheriff's Office ​1985
Sgt. John P. Christensen ​Pendleton Police Department ​1976
Trooper Bret R. Clodfelter ​Oregon State Police ​1992
Reserve Sgt. Scott E. Collins ​Multnomah Co. Sheriff's Office ​1993
Trooper Dale B. Courtney ​Oregon State Police ​1950
Officer David W. Crowther ​Portland Police Bureau ​1979
Officer Dennis A. Darden ​Portland Police Bureau ​1974
Deputy Gil C. Datan ​Coos County Sheriff's Office ​2015
Officer Roger L. Davies ​Portland Police Bureau ​1974
Patrolman Donald E. DeSues ​Roseburg Police Department ​1959
Superintendant Ed Diedrich ​Multnomah Co. Sheriff's Office ​1924
Deputy Sheriff Roy H. Dirks ​Lane Co. Sheriff's Office ​1975
​Officer Robert E. Drake ​Portland Police Bureau ​1930
​Chief Of Police Clyde Dubell ​Oakridge Police Department ​1950
​Officer Oscar L. Duley ​Eugene Police Department ​1930
​Chief Daniel Duncan ​Lake Oswego Police Department ​2010
​Sheriff William J. Dunlap ​Linn Co. Sheriff's Office ​1923
Deputy Sheriff James W. Dunn II ​Benton Co. Sheriff's Office ​1904
Retired Sheriff Almond L. Eastman ​Clatsop Co. Sheriff's Office ​2004
​Patrolman Thomas M. Eckart ​Salem Police Department ​1909
Reserve Officer Gerald H. Erickson ​Hillsboro Police Department ​1980
Officer Alfred C. Evans ​Nyssa Police Department ​1957
Deputy Sheriff Thomas R. Farrell ​Tillamook Co. Sheriff's Office ​1987
Correctional Officer Frank B. Ferrell ​Oregon Department of Corrections ​1902
​Officer Robert R. Ferron Jr. ​Portland Police Bureau ​1964
Deputy Sheriff Robert E. Forrester ​Wasco Co. Sheriff's Office ​1961
​Deputy Sheriff David E. Foster ​Curry Co. Sheriff's Office ​1984
Corrections Officer Michael J. Franke ​Oregon Department of Corrections ​1989
Deputy Sheriff Kelly J. Fredinburg ​Marion Co. Sheriff's Office ​2007
Chief Of Police Raymond Garcia ​Vernonia Police Department ​1971
Correctional Lt. Robert C. Geer ​Oregon Department of Corrections ​1972
​Town Marshall Ralph Gibons ​The Dalles Police Department ​1919
​Officer James C. Gill ​Portland Police Bureau ​1915
​Sgt. Jason Goodding ​Seaside Police Department ​2016
Sheriff William A. Goodman ​Harney Co. Sheriff's Office ​1924
​Constable Rupert L. Haines ​Burns Police Department ​1924
​Senior Trooper William Hakim ​Oregon State Police ​2008
​Powderman Charles Hall ​Multnomah Co. Sheriff's Office ​1924
​Trooper William M. Hall ​Oregon State Police ​1967
​Officer George J. Hanlon ​Oregon City Police Department ​1906
​Deputy Sheriff O. John Hart ​Umatilla Co. Sheriff's Office ​1865
​Deputy Sheriff David D. Hefner ​Lane Co. Sheriff's Office ​1957
​Trooper Amos L. Helms ​Oregon State Police ​1931
​Posse Member O. D. Henderson ​Clackamas Co. Sheriff's Office ​1906
​Officer Roderick Henry ​Columbia River Inter-Tribal Fisheries Enforcement ​1988
​Correctional Officer Buddy Ray Herron ​Oregon Department of Corrections ​2011
​Officer James A. Hines ​Portland Police Bureau ​1945
​Officer Jason A. Hoerauf ​Albany Police Department ​2001
Superintendent Holly V. Holcomb ​Oregon State Police ​1975
​Correctional Officer James M. Holman ​Oregon Department of Corrections ​1925
​Officer Gilbert H. Horton ​Portland Police Bureau ​1946
​Game Warden Arthur S. Hubbard ​Oregon Game Commission ​1914
​Officer Kirk R. Huffstetler ​Portland Police Bureau ​2002
​Patrolman Hans J. Iverson ​Silverton Police Department ​1931
​Constable Emery J. Jackson ​Silverton Police Department ​1952
​Officer Jesse J. Jackson ​Eugene Police Department ​1934
​Patrolman Thomas L. Jeffries ​Portland Police Bureau ​1997
​Lt. Philip R. Johnson ​Portland Police Bureau ​1941
​Correctional Officer Thurston Jones Sr. ​Oregon Department of Corrections ​1902
City Marhall Charles H. Keeler​ ​The Dalles Police Department ​1867
​Sheriff Charles M. Kendall ​Linn Co. Sheriff's Office ​1922
​Trooper Frederick C. Kielhorn ​Oregon State Police ​1961
​Officer Ronald G. Kilby ​Hermiston Police Department ​1959
​Officer John Christopher Kilcullen ​Eugene Police Department ​2011
​Cpl. Virgil D. Knight Jr. ​Douglas Co. Sheriff's Office ​1985
​Officer Victor Knott ​Ashland Police Department ​1931
Marshal Joseph A. Krechter ​St. Paul Police Department ​1906
City Marshal John W. Lambert ​Fort Klamath Police Department ​1911
​Deputy Sheriff James Lamers ​Clatsop Co. Sheriff's Office ​1898
​Special Deputy Sheriff Walter W. Leonhardt ​Multnomah Co. Sheriff's Office ​1931
​Trooper William T. Levinson ​Oregon State Police ​1950
​Deputy Samuel J. Lewis ​Lake Co. Sheriff's Office ​1882
Officer Robert Libke ​Oregon City Police Department ​2013
​Officer Glenn L. Litzenberg ​Portland Police Bureau ​1918
​Officer Roger Lloyd ​Independence Police Department ​2010
​Deputy Sheriff Robert Lockwood ​Grant Co. Sheriff's Office ​1888
​Deputy Sheriff Ernest C. Loll ​Multnomah Co. Sheriff's Office ​1935
Officer Philip B. Lowd ​Oregon State Police ​1952
Trooper Scott A. Lyons ​Oregon State Police ​1997
​Officer John J. McCarthy ​Portland Police Bureau ​1916
​Patrol Officer Aubrey E. McCurry ​Myrtle Point Police Department ​1988
​Police Reserve Robert B. McMaster ​Warrenton Police Department ​1996
​Senior Trooper Maria Mignano ​Oregon State Police ​2001
Superintendent Harry P. Minto ​Oregon Department of Corrections ​1915
​Officer Roy E. Mizner ​Portland Police Bureau ​1956
​Officer Albert W. Moe ​Portland Police Bureau ​1914
Patrol Matron Alice M. Moran ​Josephine Co. Sheriff's Office ​1971
​Deputy Sheriff Edward A. Morrow ​Grant Co. Sheriff's Office ​1982
​Officer Robert P. Murray ​Portland Police Bureau ​1962
​Trooper Daniel A. Nelson ​Oregon State Police ​1972
​Officer Richard F. O'Connor ​Oregon State Police ​1956
Deputy City Marshall Thomas G. O'Connor​ ​Portland Police Bureau ​1967
​Deputy Sheriff Joseph Omlin III ​Curry Co. Sheriff's Office ​1983
​Officer Stephen M. Owens ​Portland Police Bureau ​1973
​Chief Ralph Painter ​Rainier Police Department ​2011
​Officer Jerome Palmer ​Portland Police Bureau ​1920
​Officer Pelatt ​Warm Springs Indian Reservation Police ​1903
Officer Earl W. Perkins ​Oregon State Traffic Division ​1922
Correctional Officer Louis S. Perrine ​Oregon Department of Corrections ​1994
Marshal Dale Perry ​St. Helens Police Department ​1924
​Special Agent J. H. "Buck" Phillips ​Union Pacific Railroad Police Department ​1921
​Deputy Sheriff Robert Phillips ​Multnomah Co. Sheriff's Office ​1917
​Officer Stanley D. Pounds ​Portland Police Bureau ​1984
Constable George J. Prescott ​Medford Police Department ​1933
​Officer Samuel Prescott ​Ashland Police Department ​1931
​Special Agent Glenn H. Price ​U. S. Department of the Treasury - I.R.S. Prohibition Unit ​1922
​Private Elmer R. Pyle ​Oregon State Police ​1938
​Sgt. James D. Rector ​Oregon State Police ​1997
​Marine Deputy Thomas E. Rice ​Josephine Co. Sheriff's Office ​2002
​Reserve Deputy Sheriff Robert Riley ​Lane Co. Sheriff's Office ​1958
Trooper Delmond E. Rondeau ​Oregon State Police ​1947
​Deputy Sheriff David R. Sanchez ​Lake Co. Sheriff's Office ​1979
Officer Charles C. Sanders ​Oregon State Police ​1957
​Deputy Game Warden Joseph Saunders ​Oregon Game Commission ​1930
​Special Deputy Sheriff John G. Saxton ​Harney Co. Sheriff's Office ​1903
Correctional Officer Alvin M. Schmitt ​Oregon Department of Corrections ​1969
​Officer Charles F. Schoppe ​Portland Police Bureau ​1874
​Sgt. Richard J. Schuening ​Oregon State Police ​1997
​Sheriff John R. Shaver ​Clackamas Co. Sheriff's Office ​1906
Sgt. James D. Shepherd ​Oregon State Police ​1980
​Deputy Sheriff Jimmy L. Shoop ​Clackamas Co. Sheriff's Office ​1981
Reserve Officer Russell H. Simpson​ ​Bandon Police Department ​2003
​Sheriff August D. Singler ​Jackson Co. Sheriff's Office ​1913
​Officer Walter Slusarczyk ​Gresham Police Department ​1999
​Deputy Sheriff Carlton E. Smith ​Lane Co. Sheriff's Office ​1965
​Trooper Donald E. Smith ​Oregon State Police ​1983
​Deputy Sheriff Douglas E. Smith ​Sherman Co. Sheriff's Department ​1978
Special Agent Eldon L. Smith ​Union Pacific Railroad Police Department ​1932
​Trooper Leroy H. Spickerman ​Oregon State Police ​1948
​Detective Sgt. Ralph H. Stahl ​Portland Police Bureau ​1915
​Marshal Mounts Story ​Sweet Home Police Department ​1920
​Officer Vernon J. Stroeder ​Portland Police Bureau ​1956
​Patrolman Gary Sumpter ​Toledo Police Department ​1969
​Sgt. Richard C. Swan Sr. ​Klamath Falls Police Department ​1988
Correctional Officer John L. Sweeney ​Oregon Department of Corrections ​1925
​Deputy Sheriff Robert L. Talburt ​Washington Co. Sheriff's Office ​1984
Deputy Sheriff Morris L. Taylor ​Douglas Co. Sheriff's Office ​2002
Sheriff Tillman D. Taylor ​Umatilla Co. Sheriff's Office ​1920
​Captain Tom Tennant ​Woodburn Police Department ​2008
​Deputy Sheriff Patrick A. Tennies ​Curry Co. Sheriff's Department ​1981
​Special Deputy Sheriff Ronald H. Terwilliger ​Douglas Co. Sheriff's Office ​1985
​Correctional Officer Bailey T. Tiffany ​Oregon Department of Corrections ​1902
​Special Agent Grover C. Todd ​U. S. Department of the Treasury - I.R.S. Prohibition Unit ​1922
Private Willard A. Tubbs​ ​Oregon State Police ​1939
​Deputy Sheriff Frank W. Twombley ​Multnomah Co. Sheriff's Office ​1918
​Officer Curtis A. Van Derson ​Creswell Police Department ​1971
​Officer Charles E. Vincent ​Portland Police Bureau ​1942
​Officer Colleen Waibel ​Portland Police Bureau ​1998
​Officer Harrison M. Wallace ​Newberg Police Department ​1922
​Sgt. Lisa G. Wampole ​Coos Co. Sheriff's Office ​1999
​Officer Frank L. Ward ​John Day Police Department ​1992
​Sgt. Ira A. Warren ​Oregon State Police ​1938
​Trooper Donald T. Welp ​Oregon State Police ​1967
Special Deputy Sheriff Jack West ​Harney Co. Sheriff's Office ​1903
Chief of Police Woodrow W. Whetstone ​Junction City Police Department ​1960
Officer Charles M. White ​Portland Police Bureau ​1934
​Officer James R. White ​Portland Police Bureau ​1914
​Reserve Deputy Sheriff Mark A. Whitehead ​Multnomah Co. Sheriff's Office ​1993
Deputy Sheriff Charles R. Wicks ​Lane Co. Sheriff's Office ​1937
Sheriff Jack W. Williams ​Clatsop Co. Sheriff's Office ​1898
Deputy Sheriff Raymond Williams ​Union Co. Sheriff's Office ​1980
Sheriff William W. Withers ​Lane Co. Sheriff's Office ​1903
​Sgt. James H. Worell ​Milwaukie Police Department ​1953
Officer James D. Wright​ ​Portland Police Bureau ​1923
Officer Samuel S. Young ​Portland Police Bureau ​1908
Marshal John Zoller ​Gervais Police Department ​1913