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Polygraph Trainee Information

How do I apply for a Polygraph Trainee License?

Provide proof of graduation from a polygraph examiners course approved by the Department of Public Safety Standards and Training or provide documentation of military experience or training that the department determines is substantially equivalent to the education required.  Complete a F-203 Application for Trainee Polygraph Examiner License, have your fingerprints taken and pay the required fees.  Submit all of these items together as one packet to DPSST.
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What fees are associated with the Trainee License?

These fees must be submitted together at the time of application
  • $35.00 Trainee License (yearly renewal required)
  • $40.00 background check fee
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How long does it take to process a Trainee License?

Generally 4-5 weeks.  It takes DPSST 1-2 weeks to process your application, and it takes Oregon State Police and the FBI an additional 2-3 weeks to process your background check.
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What is required during the Trainee Licensing period?

  • Conduct a minimum of 200 exams in 2 years before you can test for the polygraph general examiner license. 
    • OAR 259-020-0010(2)(e) allows for an extension of time to complete the 200 exams, if the applicant provides “just cause.”   The request for an extension must be made in writing and the applicant must appear before the Polygraph Licensing Advisory Committee.   
  • Obtain critique reviews by multiple general examiners. The submission requirements are as follows:
    • Submit 5 exams out of the second 30 conducted    (i.e., Test #21-#50)
    • Submit 5 exams out of the third 50 conducted       (i.e., Test #51-#100)
    • Submit 5 exams out of the last 100 conducted       (i.e., Test #101-#200)
    • Submit 5 exams out of the first 20 conducted        (i.e., Test #1-#20) 
    • The original critiques must be completed on DPSST Form F-203a and must be completed within 30 days of each series listed above.  One copy should be retained by the reviewer and one by the trainee.
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Do I need to attend training?

Yes.  You are required to complete 30 hours of polygraph specific training during each two-year period.  The two-year period begins with the issuance of your trainee license.
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When does my Trainee License expire?

General and Trainee Polygraph Licenses expire one year after being issued and must be renewed annually.  However, trainees are allowed two years to complete 200 exams.
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What if I do not pass the test?

Requirements may be prescribed if you fail the test on your first or second attempts.  If you fail the test a third time, your trainee license will be suspended.  You may submit a new application only after retaking and successfully completing a polygraph examiner’s course approved by the Department. 
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What is the renewal fee?

The trainee renewal fee is $35.00 annually.
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Is there a penalty for violating the rules?

  • Yes.  Your license may be suspended, revoked or the Department may refuse to issue a new license. Additionally, OAR 259-020-0050 states: Violation of any provision of the Act or of any rule adopted thereunder is a Class A Misdemeanor.
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What records to I need to retain?

You must keep a numerical log or ledger (beginning with #1) of the examinations you conduct.  You must provide a brief record of the name of the person examined, date, time, type of examination and results, and any other information you consider pertinent.  You must also keep folders containing all available test information, including notes, questions, charts, reports and correspondence.
All records must be retained for a minimum of 5 years, unless State Archives Records Retention Schedule requires longer or shorter maintenance.
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