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Academy Registrations
DPSST provides basic and leadership training to public safety professionals employed as police, corrections, parole & probation and telecommunicators.  This is required training that must be completed within specific time frames bases on certification requirements and employment status.
Note:  Only public safety professionals employed in certified roles at Oregon public safety agencies can attend these trainings.  To learn about employment opportunities in Oregon's Public Safety community, visit the oregonpolicejobs.org or contact the local public safety agency directly.
The Criminal Justice Administrative User Guide has comprehensive explanations of the criminal justice certification processes.
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Basic Academy Training

Leadership Training​



 Academy Registration Documents

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collapse Category : Medical Exam Critical and Essential Tasks ‎(5)
F2-CriticalEssentialTasks-CommunicatorMedical Exam Critical and Essential Tasks
F2-CriticalEssentialTasks-CORRECTIONSMedical Exam Critical and Essential Tasks
F2-CriticalEssentialTasks-LIQUORENFORCEMENTMedical Exam Critical and Essential Tasks
F2-CriticalEssentialTasks-PAROLEPROBATIONMedical Exam Critical and Essential Tasks
F2-CriticalEssentialTasks-POLICEMedical Exam Critical and Essential Tasks
collapse Category : Medical Exam Forms (Required) ‎(2)
F2a-MedicalFinalReport-LawEnforcementMedical Exam Forms (Required)
F2Ta-MedicalFinalReport-CommunicatorMedical Exam Forms (Required)
collapse Category : Medical Exam Forms (Resource) ‎(3)
F2TMedicalExamApplicantHist-CommunicatorMedical Exam Forms (Resource)
F2-MedicalExamApplicantHist-LawEnforcementMedical Exam Forms (Resource)
F2-ColorVisionFieldTestMedical Exam Forms (Resource)
collapse Category : Rank Structure ‎(1)
F14-AgencyRankStructureUpdateRank Structure
collapse Category : Training ‎(6)
Basic ​
​​Basic Academy Training
Key Points:
  • Corrections and Police officers must attend an academy class within 90 days of hire
    • This requirement is automatically waived if a class is not available.
    • An agency can request a 30 day time extension.
  • Reciprocity waivers (for out of state laterals), must be completed within 90 days of hire.
  • Employee must have accepted an unconditional offer and set a start date for employment prior to registering for a class.  Employment requirements can be found on the employment requirements page.


  • Time Extension Form (if applicable)
  • F5 Application for Training
  • Medical Final Report (Law Enforcement / Telecommunications)
  • F4 Personnel Action​ ​(hiring employee into certified role)
Leadership Training

Key Points:

  • DPSST offers a supervision (SLA) and management (OLMA) training.  Officers can register by submitting an Application for Training (F5).
  • Employees entering a leadership role will be required to attend supervision or management training based on their agencies rank structure. 
  • DPSST will notify employees needing to meet this requirement via email and add a training required entry to the Officers IRIS training record.
  • Training must be completed within a year in the position
  • Agencies can request a 1 year time extension.
  • Officers can attend the DPSST offered classes or submit an equivalency form indicating they have attending comparable training. (F21 or F22)
  • Attending training does not mean the officer is certified in Supervisory or Management.  Visit the Certification Application Page to learn how to become certified.
  • Time Extension Form (if applicable)
  • F5 Application for Training
  • F21 Supervision Training Equivalency Form
  • F22 Management Training Equivalency Form
Out of state lateral/reciprocity waivers to attend a Career Officer Development (COD) course instead of the full Police or Corrections basic academy can be granted if the student can demonstrate they have the current knowledge skills and abilities to perform law enforcement in Oregon. Note:  Field Training Manuals cannot be waived for out of state transfer
Requests to challenge the Basic Telecommunicator course can be granted if the student can demonstrate they have current knowledge skills and abilities to perform as a telecommunicator in Oregon.  Telecommunicator Challenge students are expected to take the telecommunicator final and practical assessment.
Students being considered for a waiver or challenge will be scheduled into the next available basic class and the appropriate COD or Challenge class.  It is the responsibility of the requesting agency to collect and submit the required documents at least 30 days prior to the scheduled basic class in order to be considered for the waiver.