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Elliott State Forest Land Sales (Coos & Douglas Counties)

Elliott Sales Finalized-Press Release June 12, 2014

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Update June 12, 2014

The sale of three parcels totaling 1,453 acres was wrapped up on June 11, as all closing documents were finalized. The sales will add about $4.2 million to the Common School Fund and generate hundreds of thousands of dollars annually in interest earnings for Oregon schools. The winning bidders were Seneca Jones Timber and Scott Timber Company.
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Update April 7, 2014

The sealed bid auction for the Adams Ridge Tract 1, Benson Ridge, and East Hakki Ridge parcels has been postponed and re-scheduled to end April 11, 2014.  The minimum bids on these parcels are as follows:

     Adams Ridge Tract 1-$595,000
     Benson Ridge---------$610,000
     East Hakki Ridge---$1,820,000

The auction will be conducted by Realty Marketing Northwest (RMNW).  All auction information can be found by contacting www.rmnw-auctions.com​ or calling 1-800-845-3524.

Adams Ridge Tracts 2 & 3 will be sold in the Fall, 2014.

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Update January 31, 2014

The Adams Ridge Tract 1, Benson Ridge and East Hakki Ridge parcels are being sold in a sealed bid auction scheduled to end March 28, 2014.  The minimum bids on these parcels are as follows:
Adams Ridge Tract 1- $595,000
Benson Ridge----------$610,500
East Hakki Ridge--- $1,820,000

The auction will be conducted by Realty Marketing Northwest (RMNW).  All auction information can be found by contacting www.rmnw-auctions.com​ or calling 1-800- 845-3524.

Adams Ridge Tracts 2 & 3 will be sold in Fall, 2014
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Update January 17, 2014

At the December 10, 2013 State Land Board meeting, the Land Board unanimously voted to sell the five land parcels at the Elliott State Forest.  A sealed bid auction is scheduled to end on March 28, 2014 that will be conducted by Realty Marketing Northwest.  The Benson Ridge tract, East Hakki Ridge and Adams Ridge Tract 1 will be sold in the March 28 auction. The Adams Ridge Tracts 2 & 3 will be sold in the fall, following a lot line adjustment.  For more information on the auction, please contact Realty Marketing Northwest at http://www.rmnw-auctions.com or call (800) 845-3524.
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Update December 18, 2013

Land Board approves recommendation to sell 2,728 acres in Elliott State Forest

At their public meeting on December 10, 2013, the State Land Board approved moving forward on selling five scattered tracts in the Elliott State Forest through an open competitive bid process.

The tracts total 2,728 acres, about 3 percent of the total Ellliott acreage overseen by the Land Board. Because of recent restricted timber harvests, in fiscal year 2013 the Elliott experienced a net loss of $3 million which reduced the value of the Common School Fund.  This deficit is expected to continue into the next several fiscal years.

Oregon's constitution directs the board to manage its land holdings to generate money for public education.  Revenue from "school lands" is deposited in the Common School Fund, whose earnings are distributed twice a year to Oregon's 197 public school districts.

After receiving public comments from about 20 people, the board gave the Department of State Lands the go-ahead to start the sale process as defined in administrative rule (OAR 141-067) and outlined in the board's Real Estate Asset Management Plan.  Both provide direction and criteria for land sales and exchanges.

"This is a complicated situation," said Gov. John Kitzhaber, chair of the board.  "These sales are the first step in helping determine the value of this land, and opening the door to a wider range of options for achieving both our need to fund schools and our desire to conserve."  If you want to bring a conservation buyer to the table, for example, you need to know the value of the land he said.

Kitzhaber and the other Land Board members stressed that the valuation will help inform future land management actions and solutions.

The Department began its due diligence on the parcels earlier this year evaluating financial, natural, cultiural and recreational impacts.  Adjacent property owners, interested parties, and federal, state and local agencies were notified during the evaluation.

All interested parties, including timber and conservation organizations, are encouraged to seek additional information from the Department.

Plans for the land sales are being considered.  The earliest the land sales will be held would be the end of March, 2014.  Check back on this website for updates or contact the auctioneer, Realty Marketing NW at http://www.rmnw-auctions.com​ (phone number (800)845-3524) and ask to be placed on their mailing list.
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Background Information

Harvests on the Elliott State Forest for fiscal years 2013 and 2014, previously planned at about 40 million board feet, are now about a tenth of that:  4.5 million board feet in 2013, and a similar volume projected for FY2014.  This reduced harvest level is anticipated to extend at least through the
2013-15 biennium.

In FY2013 the Elliott was actually an expense to the Common School Fund, bringing in $409,509 and costing $3,441,723 - a net deficit of about $3 million. 

The anticipated reduced revenues prompted the State Land Board to direct the Department of State Lands (DSL) to review parcels within the forest that could potentially be offered for sale or exchange. Initial information on such parcels and public comment has been gathered to assist the State Land Board in its management decision-making for the Elliott State Forest.


Working with the Department of Forestry, DSL identified three parcels that meet disposal criteria identified in the Real Estate Asset Management Plan:

  • Adams Ridge parcel: 1576 acres in Coos County (note: This parcel has been divided into three tracts)
  • Benson Ridge parcel: 353 acres in Coos County;
  • East Hakki Ridge parcel: 785 acres in Douglas County​
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Land Board Action

At their June 11, 2013 public meeting, the State Land Board approved the evaluation of three tracts of forestland for sale in Coos and Douglas counties. The parcels are within the boundary of the Elliott State Forest.​

Land Board agenda item​​

 It is anticipated that the Land Board will consider these parcels at their Dec. 10, 2013 public ​meeting​.

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Land Sale Process

All land sales and exchanges are processed through rules established in OAR 141-067. The Department of State Lands’ Real Estate Asset Management Plan provides direction and criteria for land disposal. Parcels are carefully evaluated for financial, natural, cultural and recreational impacts before sales. Adjacent property owners, interested parties, and federal, state and local agencies are notified during the evaluation. The Department uses the information received to recommend to the Land Board whether or not to sell or exchange parcels under study. The board must also approve the final transaction, as well as the actual land sale method, such as public auction.​
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Parcel Descriptions revised November 19, 2013

​Coos ​County

​Parcels TRS Tax Lot Acreage

Benso​​n Ridge​ 23S 12W 12
​23S 12W 13 ​100 ​236.5
​​ ​LEF​ Aerial ​Map​
Adams Ridge - Tract 1​​ 23S 12W 35​ ​​1​00,200,300, ​235.7
​Portion of 600

(N 1/2 of SE 1/4)

23S 12W 36 ​500 ​74.8
LEF​ Aerial MAP​
​​Adams Ridge - Tract 2 ​23S 12W 27 ​1300 40.5 
23S 12W 34 Portion of 100 79.5
(E 1/2 of NE /14)
​23S 12W 35 Portion of 600 ​200
​(remaining acres)
LEF Aerial MAP
​​​Adams Ridge - Tract 3 ​23S 12W 34 ​Portion of 100 ​189.9
​(E 1/2 of SE 1/4), 400
​24S 12W 03 ​All except 1100, 1601, 1603 ​671.1
​24S 12W 04 ​500 ​85
LEF Aerial ​Map
Douglas ​County

​Parcels TRS Tax Lot Acreage

East Hakki Ridge 22S 11W 03
1500 37.5
​22S 11W 09 ​100, 304 450.2
​22S 11W 10 ​300 ​299.2
​LEF​ Aerial​​ Map​
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Due Diligence Studies revised February 3, 2014

Before any land sale, due diligence studies are conducted on the properties being considered. As the studies are completed, they are posted on the website. The studies include:


Revised 2014 Cultural Resources Study​: conducted by DSL’s staff archaeologist to study any previously discovered archaeologically significant items and to determine the probability of cultural resources on a site. 


Endangered Animals Study: lists all endangered animals that are known to live in or near the site and that could impact the use of the site.


Endangered Plants Studyat least one study is done to determine if the site can support the habitat needed by state or federally listed endangered plants. The initial plant study looks at the elevation, rainfall, soil types and conditions required to support the endangered plant. If the initial study determines that an endangered plant could be grown on the site, then an on-ground survey​ is conducted while the plant is flowering by a staff member trained in botany. The plant must be flowering in order to be identified properly. 


Real Estate Appraisal: a market-value appraisal is conducted by an independent state-certified general appraiser. Factors that can impact the value of a property include timber or crop value, soil conditions, access, zoning and highest and best use.  Typically Common School Fund land is sold with no mineral or subsurface rights.Although the timber cruise is typically released to the public before a sale, the appraisals are considered financial documents critical for real estate transactions and are kept confidential until after the transactions have closed.

Timber Cruises:  Some of these file may take a little longer than usual to open due to the size and amount of pictures included.
Adams Ridge Part 1
Adams Ridge Part 2
Adams Ridge Part 3
Adams Ridge Part 3 Revised 11/19/13​

Benson Ridge

East Hakki Ridge Part 1
East Hakki Ridge Part 2
East Hakki Ridge Part 3​

All of the studies are carefully considered along with public comments before the State Land Board makes a decision to sell or not to sell the land.​​

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Timeline and Schedule as of January 31, 2014

May 17, 2013: Department of State Lands (DSL) received endangered animal species and tract information from Department of Forestry.


June 4, 2013: Land Board meeting notice sent to statewide media.


June 11, 2013: Land Board approved DSL staff moving ahead with further due diligence on the parcels. Land Board Agenda Item​


June 28, 2013: Notice of the potential land sales sent to public agencies, property owners adjacent to the Elliott State Forest, web-based contact list, and interested parties.


July 15, 2013: Archaeological study completed.


July 19, 2013: Initial Endangered Plants study completed and delivered to DSL.


July 26, 2013:  Adams Ridge Tract is divided into three tracts for the appraisal because of title and Endangered Species Act issues.


August 2, 2013:  On-Ground Survey for Endangered Plants completed and sent to the Oregon Department of Agriculture (ODA) for approval.


August 8, 2013:  ODA approval of the two endangered plants studies is received.


October 31, 2013: Appraisal reports due. See Above for Timber Cruise Appraisals.

November 11, 2013: Public comment deadline extended as of August 15, 2013.


December 10, 2013: State Land Board meeting to consider final approval of land sale.​

January 31, 2014: Public Notice of Auction sent to public agencies, adjacent property owners and interested buyers.

March 28, 2014:  Sealed Bid Auction for Adams Ridge Tract 1, Benson Ridge, and East Hakki Ridge parcels.

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Public Comment

Public comments on the proposed land sales will be accepted until 5:00 p.m. on Nov. 11, 2013. Direct comments to:

​Clara Taylor

Department of State Lands​​
775 Summer Street NE, Suite 100
Salem, OR 97301-1279


Please do not contact the Department of Forestry.​

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