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Licensed Finders

The Department of Public Safety Standards and Training (DPSST) administers the Private Investigator Licensing Program for the State of Oregon in compliance with the requirements of ORS 703.401-703.470.
Contact DPSST for licensing requirements and information before purchasing a finder’s list.

Submitting a finder claim

When submitting a claim for a client, a finder must forward a copy of their current license with the initial Power of Attorney. Subsequent claims filed by the finder must include the current license number on the Power of Attorney.

Finder list
The list may contain some or all of the following unclaimed account information: 
  • Owner’s name and co-owners 
  • Last known address 
  • Property amount (actual, estimated or combination value)
  • Type of property (wages, accounts payable, security, etc.) 
  • DSL reference number(s)
 Unclaimed asset estate listing
 A listing of devisees entitled to distributive shares from an estate, or an estate with unclaimed assets remitted as escheat property may be obtained from the address above. “Unclaimed assets from estates” are defined as assets of the estate due unknown heirs of the deceased person.
Finders representing another person

Power of Attorney is required
In order for you to act on behalf of an owner of an account which has been unclaimed or abandoned, you must obtain written, notarized authorization from the owner. This form of authorization is a “power of attorney”. A power of attorney may be granted by an individual and “limited” to a specific action or subject, or “general” in nature.

Claimant must sign the claim form
The claimant must sign the claim forms you submit to the Department to recover any unclaimed funds. The claimant must declare and certify that he or she is entitled to the account. In the case of an heir, successor by will, or by right of representation, the heir or personal representative of the estate must sign the claim form. 

Proof of ownership must be provided

Once you have obtained the signature of the claimant on the claim form, submit it with evidence or proof of the claimant’s right to the property.

Name similarity will not prove ownership to an account. It is the responsibility of the claimant, through the finder to prove account ownership.

Documentation may take several forms. Please write to if you have received a claim form and have specific questions about the proof needed. NOTE: We will be unable to assist you with specific advice on a particular property until we have the authorizations required above. 

Obtain a claim form
Once you have made contact with an individual who may be the owner of an unclaimed account, and have obtained a notarized power of attorney, please submit a written request for the appropriate claim form. Also, include the account information as shown on the list with your cover letter. A claim form will be sent to you. You must have the owner sign the claim form. 

  • Provide the original power of attorney with your initial request. 
  • Provide a copy of your current license issued by the DPSST
    All finders must be licensed and comply with the requirements of ORS 703.401-703.470.
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 Finder licensing



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