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Reporting Lawyer Trust Accounts

Unclaimed client funds in Lawyer Trust Accounts (LTAs) and inactive Interest on Lawyer Trust Accounts (IOLTAs) at financial institutions must be remitted to the Oregon State Bar. Until claimed, the unclaimed lawyer trust and IOLTA funds paid to the bar will help fund legal services to the poor under the Legal Services Program.
Affected holders need to send two reports, one to the Department of State Lands Unclaimed Property Section (DSL/UP) containing only the LTA or IOLTA funds and one for the Oregon State Bar with your payment by the due date.

For attorneys and legal services firms, the abandonment period for lawyer trust accounts is two years.

For financial institutions, the abandonment period for IOLTA deposit accounts is three years. Report IOLTA bank accounts as a co-owned property, and attorney/firm specifics and IOLTA unknown as the co-owner.

Oregon State Bar

Remit LTA or IOLTA accounts to the Oregon State Bar with a copy of your unclaimed property report to: 
Oregon State Bar 
P.O. Box 231935
Tigard, OR  97281-1935 
The property code for lawyer trust accounts and IOLTAs is TR88 Lawyer Trust Accounts-OSB. This code should be used only when funds are remitted to the Oregon State Bar. 

Department of State Lands – Unclaimed Property Section

Submit your unclaimed property report of lawyer trust accounts or IOLTA accounts without payment to the address below: 
Oregon Department of State Lands 
Unclaimed Property Section 
775 Summer St. NE, Suite 100 
Salem, OR 97301-1279 
If you have other property to remit to DSL/UP, do not commingle the items on a single report. You will need to file two separate reports.


Forms for reporting


Missing heir money is still reportable and remitted as escheat property to DSL/UP (ORS 116.193, ORS 116.203).

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