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Wetland Determination Offsite Request

The Department of State Lands (DSL) conducts offsite wetland determinations upon request. There is no fee for this service. An offsite determination consists of staff review of wetlands and soils maps, aerial photos and other information to determine if wetlands or other regulated water bodies (such as creeks) are present, likely to be present, or unlikely to be present. Only an onsite check can verify whether or not there are regulated wetlands on a site. As time allows, DSL staff may be able to conduct a site visit to verify an offsite determination. Please allow 2-3 weeks for an initial response.

If wetlands are present or likely to be present on a parcel or near a project area, a wetland delineation by a qualified wetland consultant may be needed. Wetland delineation reports and the required fee should then be submitted to DSL for review and agency approval. 

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