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Regional Educator Networks






The Educator Advancement Council (EAC) was created as a public-nonprofit partnership through state statute to significantly improve professional supports for Oregon's public educators. The council launched 10 Regional Educator Networks (RENs) accross Oregon. The RENs facilitate a process that centers the voices of educators to operationalize meaningful, systemic changes to improve recruitment, retention, and professional learning. They do this work through a networked continous improvement process; the RENs will not initially organize around a solution, program, or an intiative, but rather around improving systems of support for educators along the educator advancement continuum. All of the RENs are engaging in work that centers antiracist, culturally sustaining policies and practices to co-create racially affirming environments for Black, Ingdigenous, and educators of color (BIPoC).

System Organization

This system is organized by ten Regional Educator Networks (REN)/Sponsoring Organizations with an emphasis on local context to ensure training and support are responsive to the local strengths and needs of educators and students of their region. The identified regions include:



REN Map.jpg 


The identified RENs will lead the strategic network development and:

  • Create the appropriate infrastructure;
  • Establish and convene an advisory Coordinating Body to integrate local voices of teachers, families, students and community;
  • Elevate equity-driven decision-making;
  • Connect improvement efforts across local school districts;
  • Leverage resources within the region;
  • Identify areas for the EAC to provide technical assistance;
  • Coordinate communications and accountability for resources distributed; and
  • Provide resource accountability, monitoring and progress toward goals.

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