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E-Governance Guidance

Agency website redesigns

The state E-Governance Board's job is to promote consistency of content throughout the public website, an important connection between the agencies of state government and the public they serve. The E-Governance Board provides state website guidelines and "do it yourself" redesign guidelines for agencies looking to redesign their existing websites. The state website guidelines is a great resource for agencies continually working to improve their sites' usability and accessibility.

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Social media best practices

The social media best practices guide facilitates the use of social media tools, or “Web 2.0,” by state agencies. Such tools can ease collaboration and information-sharing among agencies and the public they serve. Our goal is not to limit the use of social media web services; rather, it is to provide effective and appropriate guidance on security, privacy controls, best practices, and other important issues. Use this guide to complement your agency’s internal plans for communications and community and media relations.  

Please visitSocial Media Best Practices

Social media technology gives agencies the opportunity to inform the media, the public and each other on matters of immediate importance. By using highly accessible Internet-based tools, users can create content and engage in peer-to-peer conversations and exchanges (e.g., Blogger, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, Facebook, etc.).

No substitute exists for good writing, however. The best public servants appreciate that writing well is not a tiresome duty, but a necessity. We hope this guide helps you fulfill this necessity.

The decision to use Web 2.0 technology should be a business decision that comes from the appropriate level of your agency. The decision-maker should consider the agency’s mission, objectives, capabilities and potential benefits. If you are a state employee or contractor who creates or contributes to blogs, microblogs, wikis, social networks, virtual worlds, or any other kind of social media both on and off the domain, these guidelines are applicable. State government expects all who participate in social media on its behalf to understand and follow these guidelines.

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Readability training

In the fall of 2022, members of the E-Governance Board hosted a training on how to improve readability. This training covered a multitude of topics on how best to increase inclusivity and comprehension for Oregonians who visit a state agency's website.

Learn tips and best practices on how you communicate on the web.

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