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Payroll Taxes

​​​​​​​​​​​​What is Fran​ces Online?

Frances Online is Oregon’s new contributions and benefits system for both Paid Leave Oregon and Unemployment Insurance.  

Use Frances Online to file and amend your combined payroll reports for the following programs: 

  • Unemployment Insurance
  • Paid Leave Oregon
  • Workers' Benefit Fund (WBF)
  • State Withholding Tax
  • Tri-Met Transit Tax
  • Lane Transit Tax
  • Statewide Transit Tax (STT)

Beginning Aug. 14, 2023, individuals can use Frances Online to apply for benefits from Paid Leave Oregon through Frances.  

Beginning March 4, 2024, individuals can use Frances Online to apply for benefits from the Unemployment Insurance Program. ​

Frances Online is named in honor of Frances Perkins, U.S. Secretary of Labor from 1933 – 1945 and the first woman to serve in a presidential cabinet. 

Common tasks​

Visit our Common Task page to learn how to create an account, add multiple clients, file your payroll report, and do other activities in Frances Online.

File specifications 

Visit our Resources page to download the updated file specifications for filing your payroll reports.​

Have more questions?

Get answers to common questions and learn more about how to use Frances Online from our FAQs.​​​​​​

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