Work Share

The program is funded the same way traditional unemployment insurance is - through payroll taxes paid by employers. The program allows both businesses and their current employees to get the benefit of the payroll taxes companies pay.
Let’s use an example: Jim works 5 days a week and earns $500. If he were laid off, he would work 0 days a week and be eligible for $275 a week in Unemployment Insurance Benefits.​

Through Work Share, Jim and his employer can develop an alternate plan. 

His employer could reduce Jim’s hours by 20%, meaning Jim now works 4 days a week, and earns $400 in wages from his employer. He would also earn Work Share benefits of $55, 20% of the $275 weekly Unemployment Insurance benefit he would have been eligible for.

You can use the online benefit estimator to find out how much you are eligible to earn through Work Share​.
Most businesses are eligible for the program. Program enrollment mostly consists of submitting a short plan for how the program will be used and certifying that program rules and guidelines will be followed.
Work Share has been used by businesses to avoid layoffs with as few as three and as many as 500 employees on the program. However, there is no maximum number of employees who may participate in the program.​

To use the program, employers provide benefits (such as health care and retirement benefits) under the same terms and conditions as when the affected employee worked his or her usual weekly hours.​
Employees simply complete a two-page initial claim application. They are not required to look for work or submit weekly certifications while on the program.
Using Work Share for partial unemployment benefits affects a company's premium much the same way traditional unemployment claims do, yet businesses get the benefit of retaining key employees.

How much paperwork is required for businesses and employees participating in the program?

Work has been done to make the process as easy as possible.

After initial claim and application forms are filed and approved, each week, enrolled businesses submit one certification, good for all employees on the plan, identifying hours worked and gross wages for participating employees, compared to their normal workweek.​
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