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Since 1983, the Work Share program has helped more than 1,702 Oregon businesses avoid laying off more than 8,400 employees. Read below for some quotes from businesses that have benefitted from the program, or download the program infographic for a detailed look at the program.

“It's so easy to use. You check off a couple boxes on a one-page form and scan it to the labor department. The lack of red tape is reassuring for everyone.”

-Lisa Maxim, a human resources manager at Oregon Aero Inc.


“Sheldon Manufacturing has relied on Workshare primarily for employee retention.  In many cases, we have employees who have been here for over 10, 15 or 20 years.  They possess a tremendous amount of experience and skill that would be very difficult to replace if they were to leave.  Workshare enables these employees to work part time during periodic slowdowns, and still receive benefits for the part time missed.  Sheldon Manufacturing benefits by retaining these employees on its workforce.

-Patrick Boileau, Sheldon Manufacturing


“We were able to keep trained, key employees during slow times rather than having to lay them off. This made us much more productive when orders picked up, than if we were to hire new, untrained employees.”

-Robin Drinkwater, Encore Ceramics


“…We live in an ever-changing employment environment where the things that worked 50 years ago may need changing or updating in order to stay relevant in today's world. The Oregon Employment Department's decision to implement new programs with new ideas and ways of doing things like:

1. Work Share
2. Training Assistance (TUI)
3. Self-Employment Assistance
4. On-the-Job Training (OJT) / Apprenticeship Program

The program shows a commitment to improvement and change that I wish we saw in all government agencies!”

                           -Matt VanSooy, Webformix


“The Work Share program is user-friendly and allows smaller companies to retain talented, trained employees during sluggish economic times. The work required to participate in the program is minimal; maybe 5% of the time and resources it would take to interview and train new employees. Most importantly, it keeps the employees happy; happy employees mean more productive employees and a positive work environment. It is a win-win for all (employer and employee).”

-Tina Hamel, Doty Pruett Wilson PC


“I absolutely appreciate this (Work Share) program. I tell everybody I know about it!”

-Teresa Conger, Mac’s Radiator


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