Paid Family and Medical Leave Insurance

We are currently drafting more proposed rules for your review. At this time we do not have any new proposed draft rules ready for public consideration. We will send a notice when a new batch of proposed draft rules is posted. Click here‚Äč to receive updates about the PFMLI program and to be notified when new rules are available.

The Paid Family and Medical Leave Insurance (PFMLI) team seeks early stakeholder input on proposed draft administrative rules. The proposed draft administrative rules explain how the department plans to implement the new law and provide guidance to the public on how to access and comply with the new program.

We plan to share rules for early public comment throughout the coming months, with formal rulemaking processes still to be undertaken later in 2021. Proposed draft rules will be posted for approximately four weeks.

For any questions related to the PFMLI program, please email us.