The TUI program lets eligible dislocated workers attend school and receive regular Unemployment Insurance benefits at the same time so they can continue to care for their families and obtain employment. The program does not pay for the training itself, but instead removes the work search requirements from your weekly claims while you attend school full time.​

Extended benefits are available for TUI participants. Supplemental Unemployment for Dislocated Workers (SUD) can provide up to an additional 26 weeks of benefits while you are participating in approved training through the TUI program.
The TUI program is designed for short-term training (up to and including Associate degrees, except for Transfer degrees), or it may be used for a vocational training program.

It isn't designed for higher degree programs such as Bachelor’s or Master’s degrees. An exception MAY be granted if you are 48 credits shy.
Request and return your application to the UI Special Programs Center as quickly as possible. If you would like an application, call (800) 436-6191 and select option 1.

Staff will explain the program in detail, answer your questions and mail you an application. You may also download the application from our Forms page. 
It may take up to 3 weeks for us to review your application. Your claim will stop if you are already attending school, but if approval is granted, it will be retroactive to the date our UI Special Programs Center received your completed application, or the date you start school, whichever is later. 
The Oregon Employment Department does not fund training under the TUI program. However, your local WorkSource Oregon center can refer you to a Dislocated Worker program representative about any potential funding sources under the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA).

Please understand that funding opportunities may be very limited or non-existent at this time. Additionally, any potential funding opportunities that are available will vary from county to county.

UI Special Programs Center

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Hours of Operation

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Phone: 503-947-1800
Toll Free: (800) 436-6191
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