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Job Seekers

​​​Everyone starts somewhere.  Where are you starting?  Maybe learning a new skill is your next step. Maybe you are ready to go to work right away. The links below contain vital information to help you reach your ultimate employment goal.  Your STEP Coach will help you with additional resources customized to your needs.

Contact us today and learn how we can assist you develop a plan to reach your training and employment goals. We will make sure you have the resources you need to meet your employment goal! 
    • Meet Your Coach!  
    • How to Participate
      • Connect with a Coach for an initial informational appointment
      • Create short-term and long-term employment and/or training goals
      • Document the goals on an Opportunity Plan
      • Check in with your Coach to:
        • Update your Coach on your progress
        • Create new goals and new next steps
        • Document your goals on the Opportunity Plan
        • Provide hire info when you get hired
    • Support Services
      • Transportation
      • Certifications and Licenses
      • Tuition and Textbooks
      • Work Clothing and Tools
      • Identification
      • … and more!​

  • STEP
    • SNAP Employment & Training Program (STEP).  The SNAP Training and Employment Program (STEP) provides Oregonian's with employment and training services to help them achieve and maintain their employment goal.

      SNAP recipients receive a one-on-one orientation to the employment and training services available through the Oregon Employment Department, WorkSource Oregon, the STEP Provider Network, and other community partners. This orientation provides an overview of the program, its benefits and requirements, so Oregonians can choose to participate or not participate in the STEP program. Choosing not to participate in the STEP program

      OED staff serve SNAP recipients through a case management model of customer service. This model provides each SNAP recipient with a workforce professional who guides, motivates, and supports them in their process of obtaining employment.

      Funding provided by the United States Department of Agriculture. USDA is an equal opportunity employer, provider, and lender.​​

  • Success Stories
  • Resources (external links)