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Frances Online has replaced the Oregon Payroll Reporting System (OPRS) and Employer Account Access (EAA). Go to Frances Online now to get started!​​​

​​Wondering how to create an account in Frances Online, or what file formats to use to import reports into Frances? Check out answers to these and other questions below.

​​​​The name Frances was chosen in honor of Frances Perkins whose life and career embodied the mission and vision of the work we do every day at OED, and captures the intention of both unemployment insurance and our new Paid Leave Oregon program.​​​​​​​​

Frances Perkins was a life-time advocate for working Americans. She  was instrumental in the formation of the Social Security Act and establishing unemployment insurance in the U.S and the first female presidential cabinet member.​

​​​To learn about the new Paid Leave Oregon Program go to: Paid Leave Oregon

​​​​​Frances Online will support both Unemployment Insurance and Paid Leave Oregon, the new Paid Family and Medical Leave program.

Beginning with the third quarter filing in 2022, Frances Online replaced the Oregon Payroll Reporting System (OPRS) and the Employer Account Access (EAA) portal. The system will start supporting Statewide Transit Tax and Paid Leave Oregon contributions in the first quarter of 2023. 

In Frances Online, you will have more options for account access and filing your payroll reports as well as many new features, including amending Statewide Transit Tax from January 2023 forward, saving reports in progress, sending account attachments, and importing report data.

Frances has replaced OPRS and EAA. Click here to go to Frances Online.​

​​​​​With Frances Online, you have access to benefits and features that were limited with other reporting systems. Frances Online provides self-service, real time responses, and access to the information that matters to you, your business, and your clients.​ 

  • No software installation needed
  • Available anywhere you can access the Internet
  • Pre-filled Tax rates
  • Access 24/7
  • Available to Windows and Mac users
  • ​You can file Statewide Transit Tax (STT) amendments electronically (for periods 1/23 forward, prior years need to be done through Revenue Online)
  • You can file Domestic reports electronically
  • Confirmation of filing is immediate

​​​​​​Paid Leave and Statewide Transit Tax (STT) are included on the specifications for importing, but will not be reported through the new system until 1/23. 

Until that time, please leave blanks for both fields in the specifications and continue to report STT through Revenue Online. Zero and blanks have two different values in payroll reporting. Entering a zero value means you are subject, but had zero payroll for that program. A blank means you are not subject to that program. Entering a zero will cause a conflict in your reporting. 

Beginning 1/23, you will start reporting the appropriate value for both programs and if you have an approved equivalent plan, you will not pay Paid Leave contributions on those wages.​

​​​Your clients are all associated with your account. The system allows you to customize your client list view with the accounts you work with most frequently, rather than populating the full list. To go directly to a specific client, type their BIN into the search field. After you've worked in a client account, they will be added to your custom view.​​

​​​​​​​​​Use the infographics below to learn about what registration looks like.

If you file your own payroll report (single-BIN filer): Frances Online Employer Registration

If you file on behalf of other client(s) (Multi-Bin filer/Third Party Administrator): Frances Online TPA Registration

No, so that the file specifications were only changed one time, the Department of Revenue worked with us to update the file specifications in time for third quarter filing in Frances Online. You will leave the Statewide Transit Tax (STT) and Paid Leave fields blank until first quarter 2023 and still file any STT quarters prior to 1/23 with Revenue Online. Beginning January 2023, Paid Leave Oregon and Statewide Transit Tax (STT) will both be reported in Frances Online. Frances is not be able to process the old file specification, and will show an error message. You can find the updated specifications and examples at under the Resources sub-page.​

​​​​​​To complete your registration, you will need the federal employer ID number (FEIN) and the Business Identification Number (BIN) associated with your business. In order to access your account information, you will confirm you are authorized with previously filed payroll information for one of the following programs:
  • Unemployment Insurance
  • State Withholding Tax (SWT)
  • TriMet Transit District Tax
  • Worker's Benefit Fund
  • Paid Leave Oregon Wages (beginning 1/23)
  • Statewide Transit Tax (STT) (beginning 1/23)

If you do not know the information or have never filed, you will be able to request a verification letter and will use the information in the letter to complete your Frances Online enrollment.

Check out these infographics to learn more about registration: 

If you file your own payroll report (single-BIN filer): Frances Online Employer Registration

If you file on behalf of other client(s) (Multi-Bin filer/Third Party Administrator): Frances Online TPA Registration

​​Frances will support uploads using an EFW2 file, Fixed Width, Comma Delimited, or Excel for each portion of the combined quarterly report including the Oregon Quarterly (OQ), Form 132 (Employee Wage Detail), and Schedule B.​​

​​​​In Frances Online, TPAs, multi-bin filers, Authorized Representatives, and Preparers are all, the same, Frances Online calls them all TPAs. 

If you file on behalf of yourself, you are considered an "Employer."

If you file on behalf of other clients, you are considered a TPA. ​​

If you file on behalf of yourself, you are considered an "Employer."

If you file on behalf of other clients, you are considered a TPA. 

​​​​​You do not need a POA to file reports or access your client information in Frances Online. In fact, you can upload your client's reports without adding them to your account. In order to access your clients' account information or previous reports, however, you will need to validate certain client payroll information that tells us you are authorized to have access to their information. You will then search for them by BIN to make changes.​​

​​You do not need a preparer license number to use Frances Online. ​

​​​Frances will not show the payment until it is posted. All combined payroll payments will still be made through Revenue Online. However, you can also make a payment through Frances Online for a Notice of Assessment received from the Oregon Employment Department. Paid Leave Oregon Equivalent Plan application fees can also be made through Frances Online.

​​​​​​No. Frances Online will allow you to bring Form 132 (wage detail) data for social security numbers and names from a previously filed quarter, but if your employee was not in that previous quarter, you will need to manually enter or upload their data into Frances Online. 


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