​What is the Modernization Program?
The Oregon Employment Department Modernization Program is an agency-wide program to transform our business processes and core technology systems. This effort is expected to take several years to complete.

The program’s focus includes the agency’s business processes, infrastructure, and applications. This will include service delivery updates, business process re-engineering, and technical infrastructure solutions.

With the Modernization Program:
  • ​We want to be sure we can provide the services Oregonians and Oregon businesses need. As an increasing number of our staff near retirement, we need to look toward more flexible, adaptable systems.
  • We intend to provide increasingly updated and more personalized services to businesses and job seekers; things like online self-service and mobile technology.
  • We would like more efficient and adaptable systems that allow us to quickly update and improve our processes as requirements change. 
  • Our goal is to share data, in a secure way, with our partners, using technologies that integrate security and access management, and streamline threat response.
The Modernization Program touches every aspect of our agency from processes to people. The program will be a series of projects; some of them will overlap business areas, some may be isolated to just one area or perhaps focus on a specific service, or type of service that your daily work provides to our Oregonians and Oregon businesses. We are considering business needs and technology solutions from an agency-wide perspective and approaching the process iteratively and caref​ul​ly—learning and adapting as we go to help the agency better serve our customers in the future.